More Media Bias

Despite what you may personally think about Rush Limbaugh, the guy is a massive success in radio. He got that way by being very entertaining, and by making social observations that are sometimes lost on the general public. He made one such observation yesterday on his show.

Rush pointed out specific examples of mainstream media carrying the water for their poster boy, Bill Clinton. These examples make it astonishingly clear that the media will do just about anything to protect the legacy of Clinton.

In 1998, during the whole Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton had been caught committing perjury. After he was exposed, the media decided to run some very interesting articles. Through their “objective reporting,” they tried to prove that lying was actually a GOOD thing! Lying can protect people’s feelings. It can be very healthy for relationships. Here are just a few of the asinine articles:

CNN – The Truth about Lying

Boston Herald – To Tell the Truth

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the latest jam Clinton has gotten himself into. His interview with Mike Wallace has put him under scrutiny again. A lot of bloggers have already pointed out the many leniencies he took with the truth during that interview. But, one of the other discussions going on is the fact that Bill Clinton absolutely blew his lid! He was raising his voice, interrupting, getting in Wallace’s face, putting his hands on Wallace, shoving his finger in his wasn’t very “Presidential.” His outburst could hurt his very cool, collected image.

But, never fear. The AP is here!

Chicago Sun-Times – It Can Be Cool to Lose Your Cool

The author is trying to suggest that having a temper tantrum can be very GOOD in business and politics. Public outbursts of anger help to “cut though the clutter.” Nice.

Good job, AP, for helping secure Clinton’s legacy. Anytime he screws up, we can count on you to write an article saying that the screw-up was actually a GOOD THING.

Bias? What media bias?


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