Global Warming, Global Cooling...what's the difference?

When faced with the fact that this month has experienced unusually COLD temperatures and even snow, one of the Global Warming nuts wrote into the AJC with this little tidbit:

"I'm sorry the term "global warming" is so confusing to you. It means that the climate is changing and causing screwy weather patterns. So yes, I think you can consider 2 feet of snow in Buffalo on Oct. 12 as evidence of this."

There you have it. No longer does the word WARMING mean "to become hotter." The term "Global Warming" really means "Unpredictable global climate changes over the surface of the planet, which could be manifested as cooling or warming." Basically, temperatures will change, and it is OUR fault.

These people will go to ANY length to "prove" global warming. When the evidence doesn't fit their mold, they change the definitions of words.

I guess they learned that strategy from Clinton.

On a similar note, September 2006 was 0.7 degrees BELOW average.


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