I'm so disillusioned

I have never felt that I was completely saddled with one particular political party. Despite the conclusions you may draw from many of my previous posts, I am not a firm Republican. I am, first and foremost, an economic conservative. I am, also, socially libertarian. I believe in the ultimate freedom of people as long as their actions do not threaten someone else's life, liberty, pusuit of happiness, or property. I believe in the power of a free market. I believe in small government, but one that is dedicated to the domestic and foreign protection of this country.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party does not meet these standards. Most of them are firmly dedicated to the idea of foreign protection of our country. They are steadfast in the War against Islamic fascists. For that, I am thankful.

But, they no longer practice the beliefs of small government, domestic protection, freedom of individuals, or the freedom of the private market. The policies they have instituted, lately, erode all of these principles.

The McCain-Feingold bill flies directly in the face of free speech and the freedom of the private market. The bill is used to silence political speech in days before elections, and is currently being used to silence a privately-owned radio station from talking about public policy such as the gas tax.

Who let this bill become law? A Republican-controlled Congress!

By not strictly enforcing our borders, and locking them down immediately, the Republicans have failed to protect us domestically. They allow the reconquistadors to continue flooding into this country. Steps are being taken to erect a wall along the border. A bill is up for approval by President Bush which would commission the building of the wall. Let's hope he signs it!

But, the fact is, this should have done long ago! We should have locked down the borders, and actually enforced our own laws. We could have even gone a step further and put much harsher penalties on anyone caught illegally entering this country. But, the Republicans have let us down.

Their spending is the only evidence I need to point to, in order to show that they no longer believe in small government. A prescription drug bill? An expansion of Medicare? Since when did Conservatives believe in socialized medicine?

Oh yeah, that's right. We're not talking about Conservatives. Conservatives did not pass these spending bills. It was the Republicans. No longer are the terms synonymous. Conservatives would not stand for this.

Also, Conservatives wouldn't sexually harass and exploit a 16 year-old Congressional Page. They also wouldn't stand-by while one of their own carried on with this behavior. They would put a stop to it. They would expose the offender and boot him out of their ranks. There is no place for that type of behavior. Sadly, it seems, Republicans are guilty of just that.

What is going on here? Who are you people and what have you done with all of the Conservatives? I'm really not sure where to go from here. The elections are in November, and I don't know that any of them should retain their seats. Fortunately, my representatives (Chambliss, Isakson, and Deal) are among the few that still retain some Conservative principles. They are, also, sponsors of the Fair Tax. So, there is hope for them.

But, the Republican Party, as a whole, is lost. They have no focus on the principles that got them elected. They have lost the vision of Conservatism.

So, where do we go from here? Let's get one thing straight. Republicans may have lost their way. But, the Democrat way will lead us right into a socialist society, who is afraid of it's own shadow, and has no concept of the "individual." We will have to hand over our National Sovereignty to the United Nations. We will hand over our paycheck to the Government for wealth redistribution. And, we will hand over our individuality for the "greater good." Republicans are bad. Democrats are worse.

But, where do we turn? A lot of "third parties" have extremely wacko positions. Libertarians typically don't believe in going to war until the enemy is sending tanks into our backyard. The Green party is in the same socialist boat as the Democrats. The Reform Party...well, that was started by Ross Perot. So, forget that.

Where are the good guys?


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