Muslim Scholars

A scholar is defined as a learned person or a specialist in a given branch of knowledge. Therefore, the term "Muslim Scholar" can be defined as a learned Muslim or a specialist in the Religion of Islam. These individuals have done in-depth analysis of the Koran and its teachings. They know what the Koran instructs and what it condemns.

With that in mind, I give you Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa, Secretary General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars. Al-Awa recently made the following statement:

The Muslims who fight the Zionists in the West Bank and Gaza - in Palestine - have begun to use young women as [human] bombs in self-sacrifice operations, in which a person blows himself up in a Zionist crowd of soldiers, or policeman, and so on. One [Sheik] ruled that this is forbidden. Why?...

This fatwa (ruling) had a negative effect in Palestine, I'm sad to say, because many mothers - good, dear mothers - began to fear that if their daughters did this, they would be committing a sin, so they told them that this Sheik forbade it. A long debate ensued. But, Allah be praised, eventually people ignored this fatwa (ruling).

There are so many things to point out about this statement. Where to begin?

First, do you notice how he calls the homicide bombings, "self-sacrifice operations"? They are murdering people! They are going into crowded areas and murdering innocent civilians. But, to Al-Awa, these are just "self-sacrifice operations." He won't even refer to them by their white-washed American PC name, "suicide bombings." Neither term appropriately defines the action. They are homicide bombings.

Secondly, when these homicide bombers blow themselves up, they are not doing so in a Zionist crowd of soldiers, or policeman, and so on. They are doing so in crowds of innocent civilians! They are targeting those that are not engaged in the fight.

Lastly, and most importantly, this scholar asks why it is forbidden for women to be used as homicide bombers. In his opinion, such a ruling (or fatwa) has a negative effect on Palestine. In his opinion, Allah is glorified when Muslims ignore this ruling. Allah is glorified when women strap bombs to themselves and murder the innocent.

This representative of Islam claims to be a scholar. This is the man whom Muslims claim is an expert on their religion. If he were not considered to be an expert, he would never have been named Secretary General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars.

This is a "religion of peace?"

Let's also take a look at the website for the International Union for Muslim Scholars.

On the list of characteristics of the IUMS, look at number 7:

7. It eschews extremism and bigotry and thinks moderately.

Are you sure about that? Your own director promotes the idea of women being used as homicide bombs.

Look at number 8:

8. It translates its words into actions...

I'd say so. Those actions consist of murdering the innocent.


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