The Red and Black

Unless you went to the University of Georgia, you probably have no idea what the Red and Black is. It's the name of the college newspaper. It is an independently owned newspaper, that has done pretty well for itself. All-in-all, they put out a descent paper. But, they are unmistakably left-wing.

In my opinion their best section is the Opinions section. It gives a voice to the many political and social positions of the students. On that page, there is also a section called "Our Take." This is the voice of the Red and Black staff. This is where their opinions come through. This is the soap box they use to advocate their positions. Let's take a look at a couple, in particular.

A couple of weeks ago, the Guard Dawg, the Conservative-slanted UGA publication, had their news bins robbed and vandalized. Of course, the prevalent opinion was that students who disagreed with what was printed in the Guard Dawg were responsible. This began a debate of "Liberals support free speech until they disagree with it" and "How do we know it was Liberals who did it?" This debate raged for days on the pages of the Red and Black.

Well, the Red and Black decided to chime in with their thoughts. What did they have to say?

"Guard Dawg publisher David Kirby should not be so surprised more than 1,200 copies of his paper were stolen from their bins Thursday night...The ultra-conservative paper pushes itself so far to the right that incidents like this are bound to occur...The Guard Dawg should examine the reasons why someone would commit that crime."

Basically, they deserved it. Nice.

Then we have another great piece from them in today's paper. They are responding to the Amish school shooter. Here is how they examine the situation:

Individuals should have the right to own a gun, but if a person cannot control himself mentally, such Constitutional privileges should be revoked.

Harsher gun control legislation may create inconveniences for some, but the safety of the American public is worth the added effort.

Until a more stringent form of gun control is enacted, there's no telling how many more lives will be lost at the hands of a citizen abusing his Second Amendment right.

Uhh...what? Because unstable people in this country buy guns, we should also make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own them. This is the "you're an idiot" moment of the day.

It is terribly trite, but it is true..."If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns."

But let's look at this from a different perspective. The Red and Black advocates limiting, or REVOKING, gun rights for the "safety of the American public."

Why stop there? Speech can be a deadly thing too. Sometimes our speech can offend people to the point where they will kill, destroy property, steal newspapers (insert sarcastic cough).

We could start limiting first amendment rights when the "greater good" is at stake. We should limit free speech when it is just too offensive and hurtful. We could start doing the same thing with the 4th amendment. What if we could just start searching people at random on the streets? We could find the guns people are carrying before they even had the chance to use them!

We would be saving lives!


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