Separation of Church and State, huh?

First of all, nowhere in the Constitution will you find the phrase "separation of church and state." Look it up. But, the first amendment does say that there shall be no "establishment of religion" by the Federal government. The separation of church and state can be inferred from an extent.

No, a validictorian saying a prayer at her graduation is not a violation.

But, there is something to be said about prayer being mandated in government schools. I don't believe that it should be mandated (even though I am a Christian). Because we, as a nation, do acknowledge a division between the secular world (government) and the religious world. Or, so I thought.

Apparently, religion is being taught in California and Oregon schools. Not only taught, but mandated. The difference this time is that students are being forced to pray Islamic prayers.

Students, as a part of Social Studies course, are required to wear Muslim dress, use Muslim names, memorize the Koran, and recite Muslim prayers. So, much for that separation of church and state.

I guess all of this is OK as long as they are indoctrinating them with a religion whose followers flew planes into the twin towers. But, if Christian prayers are even mentioned, the ACLU will come running!


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