When Will It End?

Is this fight ever going to end? Will the race-baiting from both sides cease anytime soon? A recent tragedy in Queens, New York has brought me to this topic. Three black men were shot to death by Police after they allegedly hit one police officer with their car and were ramming an unmarked Police unit.

It has not been confirmed why the Police were even going after these men. But, it has been determined that they were unarmed. It’s a tragedy to be sure. But, the situation is only enflamed when race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson enter the picture. Here is a quote from one the “activists” who is charging the Police Department with racism:

"There’s no consequences for killing a black person. I am fed-up. I’m not asking my people to do anything passive anymore. We’re going to sit here and we’re going to go in there, and we’re going to pray, we’re going to march, we’re going to do all of that stuff and then we’re going to sit down, and if they don’t respond to none of that, don’t ask us to ask our people to be peaceful while they are being murdered. We’re not the only ones that can bleed."

Without a name attached to this quote you would certainly think that it would be attributed to the Black Panthers or some other militant wing of the Civil Rights Movement. For crying out loud, he is advocating vengeful violence against the Police!

Do you want to know who made this statement? His name is Charles Barron. He is a New York City Councilman. That’s right. This man, who advocates violence against the Police is an elected New York official. Consequently, he also happens to be a former Black Panther.

For a public policy maker, a democratically elected official to make such a statement and enflame an already volatile situation is inexcusable. As a leader, he should be held to a higher standard.

But, this isn’t the first time Barron has made such a racially-charged statement. In 2002, Barron told a group at a reparations rally:

“I want to go up to the closest white person and say, ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.”

This is completely outrageous! Barron’s rhetoric only serves to fan the flames of bigotry and racial hatred.

Should the police be investigated and held accountable for their actions if, in fact, they acted in a reckless and abhorrent manner? Yes! Absolutely.

But, Barron’s statements do nothing to help the situation. They only serve to drive the wedge deeper.


NBC Admits It!

NBC has finally decided to come clean. Yesterday, they admitted on the Today show that they are trying to influence Foreign policy through their reporting. I kid you not.

With much fanfare, Matt Lauer took the stage in a piece about the Iraq War. He interviewed retired General Barry McCaffrey. The point of this piece was to discuss the terminology used to describe the War. Here is what Matt said:

"For months the White House rejected claims that the situation in Iraq has deteriorated into civil war. For the most part news organizations like NBC hesitated to characterize it as such. After careful consideration, NBC News has decided the change in terminology is warranted. And, what is going on in Iraq can now be characterized as civil war

He then said to General McCaffrey:

"Is the situation in Iraq a civil war or is it something else? Retired general Barry McCaffrey is a military analyst for NBC News. . . We should mention we didn't just wake up on a Monday morning and say ‘let's call this a civil war.' This took careful deliberation. We consulted with a lot of people. You were one of the people we talked to. Why did you weigh in on the side of calling this a civil war?"

Notice they consulted with “a lot of people.” But, because NBC has no objectivity and balance, we didn’t get to hear from the people who disagreed with the term “civil war.” They just brought on Gen. McCaffrey who happened to “weigh in on the side” that they wanted to promote.


But, it get’s better. After NBC took it upon themselves to label the Iraq War a “civil war,” they ran a piece which explained their reasoning behind changing the term and what they hoped to accomplish through the change.

The piece featured a Presidential Historian named Michael Beschloss. Here is what he told NBC:

“The Bush administration has a huge incentive to keep people from calling this a civil war. They know once this war is branded that way, Americans will essentially say that's not what we do, let's get out.

The piece was narrated by NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell. After Beschloss revealed NBC’s motivation for the terminology change, Mitchell added:

“Military experts also say if it is a civil war, US options are limited.”

The “limited option” Mitchell is referring to is “let’s get out.”

NBC admits in their own piece that by labeling the War a “civil war,” the American people will demand an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. They are trying to influence public opinion and foreign policy in the way they report!

NBC objectivity? I’m afraid that tenant moved out long ago. It subleased the NBC newscasts to blatant-bias and liberal-agendas.


A Moderate Muslim

Muslims from around the world constantly tell us that Islam is not a religion of violence, and that the terrorists are not true representatives of their religion. CAIR and other Muslim organizations speak faint-hearted, pseudo-condemnations of terrorist activities and proclaim that Islam is a "religion of peace."

There are many, like myself, who say:

“If you (Muslims) are truly opposed and offended by what these fascists have done to your religion, take to the streets in protest! Condemn their actions in the same flashy, overdramatic, passion-filled manner that you condemn the US.

You burn effigies of President Bush and Condoleeza Rice. Why not burn effigies of Osama bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri?”

The very least they could do is to write articles to their local papers, broadcasting their voice of protest to their community.

Well, one man did just that. Jamal Miftah wrote to the Tulsa World newspaper in Oklahoma. His article was titled, “Message of Islam is not jihad, fatwahs.” Here are portions of his letter to the Islamic Terrorists:

My message to Ayman al-Zawahri and Muslims of the world: "Islam" means submission and is derived from a word meaning "peace." Islam, Christianity and Judaism have the same origin, the Prophet Abraham. The prophet of Islam has said that God has no mercy on someone who does not have mercy for others.

I ask that al-Zawahri look at his deeds and those of his master, Osama bin Laden, and other so-called Islamic jihadists…They are incited, in the name of Islam, to commit heinous crimes not pardonable by any religion and strictly forbidden in Islam.

Cowards like al-Zawahri and bin Laden are inciting the ignorant and innocent youths to commit suicide bombings to kill innocent civilians including children, women and the elderly, while they hide in spider holes and caves.

I appeal to al-Zawahri and his band of thugs to hand themselves over to justice and stop spreading evil and killing innocent humans around the world in the name of Islam. Their time is limited and Muslims of the world will soon rise against them to apprehend them and bring them to justice.

This is the message the terrorists need to hear. They are the words of fellow Muslims condemning terrorist activities. These words proclaim that the acts of Terrorits do not bring glory to Allah. Such acts are horrible crimes against humanity and Islam.

Why don’t more Muslims speak out like this?

Well, this is probably why.

After Jamal Miftah’s letter was printed in the Tulsa World, Miftah was threatened with violence…by his fellow Muslims. And, he was kicked out of his Mosque. The leaders of his local Mosque refuse to let him return until he APOLOGIZES for his article. Other members of the Mosque condemned Miftah as “anti-Muslim.”

So, because he condemns those that murder the innocent, he is “Anti-Muslim?”

Got it.

If this is how they treat those that condemn the most deadly, heinous, extremist factions of their religion, are they really a "religion of peace?"

Insulting the Troops...Again.

It seems that the ever-loveable Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has pulled a “John Kerry.” You know, that’s the one where you say that you support the troops, and then you go on television and berate their intelligence. Here is what he told Chris Wallace on Fox News over the weekend:

I want to make it abundantly clear: if there’s anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget about it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of educational benefits. And most all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.

I’m sure, like Kerry, that Rangel will come out and say, “Oh no. I was talking about Bush, not the troops. I just misspoke.”

These guys continue to amaze me. How many times can they make these asinine (and completely false) statements, and still claim to support the troops? They insult their intelligence. They degrade their heroism in volunteering to protect this country. They say that they can do no better in life than to be used as proverbial pawn.

Other Democrats have compared our soldiers to Nazis, Soviets in their Gulags, members of Pol Pot’s regime, cold-blooded killers of innocent civilians, and even terrorists.

Yet, they still shout, “We support the troops.”

No, you don’t.

You can see the video of Charlie Rangel’s absurd statement here.

You can find out why his statement is undeniably false here.


Remembering Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving, I wrote about the things which I am thankful for. On Thanksgiving day, my family went around the table and said a short prayer thanking God for what he has given us. Some mentioned good health. Others mentioned being together a s a family. I said that I was thankful for our great country and those who are protecting it.

These are the types of prayers that recognize what the holiday is truly about. These are the types of prayers which express genuine gratitude for the things God has done for us.

But, how do others choose to remember thanksgiving. How do others express gratitude? What kind of prayers do they offer?

Let's take a look at one of my favorite sites to pick on...The Huffington Post. For Thanksgiving, one of the regular contributors wrote a piece which epitomizes the mindset of those who can't stop hating for even one day. The author's name is Tony Hendra. Here is a portion of what he wrote:

I give thanks O Lord for Dick Cheney's Heart, that brave organ which has done its darn-tootin' best on four separate occasions to do what we can only dream about.

O Lord, give Dick Cheney's Heart, Our Sacred Secret Weapon, the strength to try one more time! For greater love hath no heart than that it lay down its life to rid the planet of its Number One Human Tumor.

I give Thee thanks for the possibility - at long last - that this axis of incompetent evil is OVER. That a crime family who gave us two disastrous Presidencies in the space of a decade might finally be bound for the oblivion it so richly deserves. For Thou knowest Lord in Thy infinite wisdom that with truly evil stupid people - the Nazis spring to mind - it always takes TWO defeats to finally bring them to their knees. So let it be with Bushdom.

Let's see...wishing death upon Dick Cheney? Check. Accusing Cheney of destroying the world? Check. Accusing Bush of being a career criminal? Check. Comparing the Bush Administration to Nazis? Check.

This is really nothing new. Cindy Sheehan wrote a book about her desire to go back in time and murder George Bush as an infant. A European filmmaker made a movie about the President's assassination. Liberals take to the blogs, all the time, to call for the execution of Bush Administration officials.

Being so filled with hate that they actually fantasize about the death of Republicans, is just par for the course. But, to center your thanksgiving celebration around a desire to See Dick Cheney dead...that's just sick.

But, that is what you get with Liberals. They have nothing to be thankful for.

In their world:

1. America is creating all of the world's problems by invading soverign countries, committing genocide, robbing poor countries of their resources, etc.

2. America is destroying the planet with our manufacturing plants and our SUVs, and we refuse to acknowledge the proven science behind the fact that we are causing Global Warming.

3. America is committing war crimes by murdering innocent civilians in cold blood in a war which we started to get our hands on foreign oil supplies.

4. America treats minorities as third-class citizens, taking away any chance that they have to succeed.

5. America treats Islamic freedom fighters as if they were an actual threat to us.

6. America holds an iron fist over any nation who tries to acquire nuclear technology in order to maintain its tyrannical rule over the earth.

7. America routinely tortures innocent prisoners of war to within an inch of their lives without even considering the facts of the case, and without acknowledging the fact that torture has never worked at any time in any situation…ever.

8. American citizens are living under the rule of “Big Brother.” The Government taps all of our phones, reads transcripts of our very personal conversations, in an attempt to use the information, one day, as leverage against us, or to just keep us in check by fear of their power.

9. The current American government hates the poor. It denies them access to basic health care, refuses to pay them a liveable wage, and lets them drown when their cities become flooded. While it seeks to destroy the poor and the middle class, it simultaneously tries to make the evil, rich, white men, who control Corporate America, even richer by giving them huge tax cuts.

10. Ordinary Americans can not even hold our Government officials accountable for any of these actions because we will be labeled "unpatriotic." Or worse, King Bush will use the Patriot Act to charge us with treason and have us executed.

This is the world that they see themselves living in. What would they have to be thankful for?



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It's the day that we, as a nation, stop and reflect on the things that we are thankful for. Ok, with all of the travelling that happens on this holiday, we don't actually STOP. But, you know what I mean.

It is a day, regardless or religion, race, creed, or background that we can express our gratefulness for the things we have. Family, friends, careers, miraculous medical recoveries, whatever. We all have something to be thankful for.

That is what this day is all about.

Of course, there are those who choose to use this holiday as an excuse to indoctrinate 3rd graders with their Anti-American views.

But, that is not the point of this blog. I would like to take a second to express what I am thankful for. In no particular order:

It is trite, but I am thankful for my family. Even though I have disagreements and long, drawn-out arguments with some of them, my family remains a thing that I am grateful for.

I am thankful for my God, who loved me so much that he sent his Son to die for me. No words can express my gratitude. I can only strive to express my gratitude and love by living my life for him, and giving him praise.

Lastly, I am thankful for my country. I live in the greatest country this world has ever seen. Despite what some may say, the United States of America is the greatest force of good in the modern world. No other country, past or present, has done so much for humanity.

It is our love for freedom which defines our goodness. Because we hold freedom so dear, we can speak out against our leaders when we disagree. We can speak out against those in our country who do not have our best interest at heart.

We can control our own success or failure with the decisions we make. We are not bound to any class or economic status. We can experience the upward-mobility that other country's citizens only dream of.

All of this is possible through the thing we hold so dear...freedom.

Yes, we have our problems. We always have room for improvement. But, it is freedom which will drive us to improvement. It is freedom which compels us toward greatness.

For that, I am thankful.

More on the Katrina "Victims"

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans over a year ago. Yet, we are still getting stories of Katrina "victims" ravaging charities who want to reach out to them. The useless, deceitful freeloaders who were "victimized" by Katrina have been more destructive than the Hurricane itself.

The newest story comes from Tennessee. Members of the Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis wanted to reach out and perform their Christian duty. They were going to help those in need - those put out by Hurricane Katrina. They weren't just going to take up a small collection during the offering time. They wanted to make a huge gesture to show the love of God. They wanted to find a family who lost their home in the Hurricane, and buy them a new one!

So, they began their search for a family in need of a home. After many interviews, they chose a family in need of a new house. They selected Joshua and Delores Thompson. Delores told the church committee that she lost her job as a nurse and that her husband lost his business in New Orleans. The family also told the committee that they really wanted to settle in Memphis.

Jean Phillips, a real estate agent and a member of the church, worked with the Thompsons in choosing their new house. In February, the Church paid $75,000 for the house that the Thompsons picked out.

Oh, how I wish the story ended there. The family picked out a house in the area that they wanted. This gracious, loving church paid for it in full, and signed it over to them.

Why can't the story end there? Oh, yeah. That's right. We are talking about the leaches on society known as "Katrina victims."

What did the Thompsons do with the $75,000 home that was bought for them?

"The couple sold the place without ever moving in and went back to New Orleans."

They turned around and sold the home for $88,000 without ever moving in. What did Joshua have to say to the Church who had given him a home?

"Take it up with God."

Nice, huh? So, what was their excuse for selling the home that the Church gave to them without even moving in? Delores told reporters:

"I really don't like this area."

Oh really? What did she tell the Chuch commitee when they were searching for a family in need? Jean Phillips tells us:

"They actually begged for the home...The family said it wanted to resettle in Memphis."


They lied to the church in order to portray themselves as "needy." They took advantage of the Church's generosity and charity in order to turn a profit. They had no intention of moving into that house. They had this planned from the very beginning. Unfortunately, their scam worked.

They have moved back to Memphis with the Church's money in their pocket.

There is even some evidence to suggest that the "Thompsons" were not a family at all. The article in the Chicago Trbune states:

"Church members said they feel that their generosity was abused by scam artists. They are no longer even sure that the couple were left homeless by Katrina or that they were a couple.

Property transfer records for the resale list her (Delores) as unmarried; the papers from the original sale list her as married."

This has happened far too many times with this same group of people. The former New Orleans residents have used this situation as an opportnity. Have they used this as an opportunity to move to a new area with a stronger marketplace, where they can make their job skills more useful and profitable? No.

They have robbed the taxpayers, robbed charities, and made real victims out of those that they have scammed.


Reuters Strikes Again

Reuters decided that printing fake photographs highlighting their anti-Israel bias wasn't enough. It didn't expose them enough as a leftist medium. No, they had to go one step further.

Now they have run a story about the most unfriendly nation on the face of the planet. And, who would that be? Why, America, of course! Weren't you aware that America is a hate-filled, war-mongering, racist, genocidal, imperialistic force who is responsible for all the death and destruction on Earth?

And, on top of all that, our immigration officials are "rude." At least, that is what Reuters says:

"Rude immigration officials and visa delays keep millions of foreign visitors away from the United States, hurt the country's already battered image, and cost the U.S. billions of dollars in lost revenue, according to an advocacy group formed to push for a better system.

The problem is that since September 11, this country has viewed visitors more as a threat than an opportunity. The entry process has created a climate of fear and frustration that is keeping foreign visitors away."

According to Reuters, Immigration officials represent the country as a whole. After all, if Government-employed Immigration officials treat them poorly, just imagine how the rest of the country will treat them!

First of all, this is a lame argument. In no sane universe does a Government employee represent the country as a whole. But secondly, Reuters has completely missed it's target. If they truly wanted to find out which country was the most inhospitable to visitors, why not take a look at France. Their contempt for Americans is legendary. Trust me. I've been there.

Or, they could look at any country in the Middle East. Maybe Reuters has forgotten about these little gems:

And that was just last weekend. They were taken in Indonesia during President Bush's visit there. Indonesian Muslims took to the streets to decry Bush as a terrorist and call for his death.

You think that they limit their hatred to our elected officials?

This happens all the time. People all over the Middle East take to the streets and chant "Death to America." Many of them are taught from birth to hate Americans. They kidnap innocent Americans, Brits, and Australians. And, they praise Allah as they behead them. They murder Christians for daring to worship God. And, they forbid Christians, by threat of death, to spread the word of Christ.

But, Reuters doesn't see this as creating a "climate of fear." No, that scarlet letter is pinned to America. Because, our immigration official are...rude.


Terrorist Sympathizers at Work

I have stated before that I am sure liberal teachers' personal political views don't make their way into the classroom. I mean, it's not like they would use a classroom full of impressionable children as an opportunity to indoctrinate America's youth toward their Blame-America-First way of thinking.

If I had a sarcasm alarm, this would be the perfect place to insert one.

Actually, it happens all the time. I've already told you about Jay Bennish and Steve White. The world of Government Education has an attraction to liberals who want to teach children that America is the source of the world's problems.

Well, another unhinged teacher has made himself known. This time it is in the form of a crossword puzzle. I kid you not.

Khalid Chahhou, a first year Spanish teacher at Smithfield-Selma Senior High School, decided that it would be a great idea to give his students a crossword puzzle filled with some very strange sentences.

The students were to translate Spanish sentences into English and find them on the puzzle. So, what did they find?

"Destroy America"
(Nah, this guy doesn't hate America)

"Sharon killed a lot of innocent people"
(A reference to Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister)

"Palestine is not a terrorist group"
(Even though, their actions say otherwise)

"Allah help destroy this body of evil making humanity miserable."

Nice, huh?

So, this guy hates America and Israel. And, he is calling on Allah to destroy us. Sound familiar? It should. It is the same rhetoric that al Qaeda, Hamas, and every other Islamic Terrorist group on the face of the planet uses.

And, this guy is teaching America's children. At least, he was. As soon as the School Administration got wind of the puzzle, Chahhou was given the boot.

Actually, they let him resign, which I think was a huge mistake. We can not take this stuff lightly. If America-hating, Terrorist-sympathizing, Allah-destroy-America teachers are discovered indoctrinating school children, they should be canned...dramatically.

Make an example of them! Fire them on live TV if you have to! Do something to show other teachers out there, we will not stand for this.

But, at least the Smithfield-Selma Senior High School administrators actually did something about it.

Did you know Jay Bennish is still teaching?


Minimum Wage

I know this is not a very interesting topic. In fact, for some of you, this will be completely and utterly boring. But, this is one of the issues that Democrats are eager to push through Congress. So, I must talk about it.

The minimum wage was enacted in the United States in 1933. But, just a couple of years later, the Congress decided that the minimum wage was unconstitutional and repealed it. However, it was reinstated in 1938 under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

So, why do we have a minimum wage? Obviously, the main reason is to protect low-skilled employees from being treated unfairly by employers. Whether or not our government should be in the business of coming between an employer and employee to negotiate wages is a moot point. The minimum wage is here to stay. The real issue becomes, "Should we raise the minimum wage?".

Why would we want to raise it? Some feel that it is unreasonable to expect anyone to raise a family on $5.15/hr. (the current minimum wage). But, I'll discuss that in a minute.

The second reason politicians want to raise the minimum wage doesn't get talked about much. It is so the government can have a niche with labor unions and buy votes from low-income workers. When a politician promises to use the force of government to lean on private employers and put more money in the pockets of employees, this results in votes. There is no denying it. It is simple class warfare.

So, politicians use the minimum wage as a way to increase their own power. Oh, they disguise it as "looking out for the common man," and "standing up for the poor." But, make no mistake. Their first and foremost goal is their own re-election.

Am I being to harsh? Am I misreading the situation? Maybe they really are just trying to "stand up for the poor." Well, let's see.

One of the main arguments against raising the minimum is that it will increase unemployment. If employers are forced to pay employees more, there is less cash flow for the full workforce. Therefore, layoffs ensue. There have been countless studies to back this up. But, we'll look at one in particular.

In 1995, the Congress completed a study of the effects of the minimum wage on employment. I know the study is over 10 years old. But, it was a study of 50 years worth of wage and employment statistics. So, it is still quite valid. Here is what they found:

• The minimum wage reduces employment.
• The minimum wage reduces employment most among black teenage males.
• The minimum wage hurts the unskilled.
• The minimum wage hurts low wage workers.
• The minimum wage increases job turnover.
• The minimum wage reduces employment in low-wage industries, such as retailing.
• The minimum wage hurts small businesses generally.
• The minimum wage has long-term effects on skills and lifetime earnings.
• The minimum wage leads employers to cut back on fringe benefits.
• The minimum wage hurts low-wage regions, such as the South and rural areas.
• The minimum wage increases the number of people on welfare.
• The minimum wage hurts the poor generally.
• The minimum wage does little to reduce poverty.
• The minimum wage helps unions.

As you can see, the findings do not favor the minimum wage, much less an increase. You can also see that the “standing up for the poor” argument is a load of crap. Increases in the minimum wage hurt the poor. Not only are the jobs for low-skilled workers cut. But, retail prices go up to accommodate the increase in employee wages. So, the poor are out of work and paying more for their day to day items. Way to “stand up for the poor.”

The fact that an increase in the minimum wage increases unemployment rates has been argued to death. Proponents for increasing the minimum wage will continue to stick their fingers in their ears and ignore studies like this one.

So, is there another reason that we should not raise the minimum wage? This is where I get to be really insensitive.

We should not encourage people to live at that level! People say that you can’t raise a family on $5.15 an hour. You’re right. So, acquire better job skills, educate yourself, and get a better paying job! Minimum wage jobs are meant for teenagers who have limited or no job skills, and are moving into the workforce for the very first time. It is not for a 30 year old woman with 5 children who has been at the same job skill level for 10 years. Making it more profitable to remain at that level only encourages people to be underachievers. Encourage them to strive for more.

People must take responsibility for their own achievements or lack thereof. The government must not be allowed to use force to protect us from our own bad decision-making. That is called freedom.


Bush Lied?

The Democrats love to tell us that Bush lied about WMDs and that he cherry-picked the intelligence to mislead the Congress into voting for the war.

At least, that is their story now. But, what were they saying in 1998, three years before Bush even took office?

Watch this video to find out:

This quote isn't in the video, but it is definately worth noting:

"The hard fact is that so long as Saddam remains in power, he threatens the well-being of his people, the peace of his region, the security of the world.

The best way to end that threat once and for all is with a new Iraqi government -- a government ready to live in peace with its neighbors, a government that respects the rights of its people."
-Bill Clinton (1998)


Republicans let us down...AGAIN.

On election day, Republicans got thrown out of Congress because they have betrayed conservatism. It seems Republicans still haven't learned their lesson.

Now, they are planning to announce Mel Martinez as the new Republican National Committee Chairman. What's wrong with that? This is wrong with that. Mel Martinez has been pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Basically, Mel Martinez is saying to the illegal immigrant population:

"You broke our laws, you violated our borders, you stormed our gates, you break the law every second you remain in this we will reward you with citizenship!"

This is the man that the Republicans want to represent them on a National scope. It's about as bad as the Democrats naming Howard "I hate Republicans" Dean to be the DNC Chairman. But, we expect that stuff from the left. Republicans used to be the party of Conservatism.

They used to believe in strict border control. But, amnesty flies in the face of Conservatism. I know, I know...Ronald Reagan (one of the greatest conservatives) granted amnesty. It was a mistake then, and it is a mistake now.

But, at least Reagan didn't fold on other Conservative issues (Tax cuts, National defense, reduced social spending, etc). The current Republican party has folded on all of these issues.

It seems that they have no plans to return to Conservatism.


The Distorted "View"

I typically don't post anything concerning the absurd political commentary by celebrities. The reason is, basically...I don't give a damn what they have to say about our nation's policies. To them I say, "You are actors and musicians. Stick to acting and making music."

However, this is one of the few times that I will break that rule. This statement is just too stupid to pass up. It comes from the ever intelligent Rosie O' Donnell. Yesterday, on The View, she started in, again, on the Iraq War. They discuss the war EVERYDAY. And, everyday, we get to hear just a little bit more of Rosie's idiocy. Yesterday, I believe she peaked. The only way that she could make a more asinine statement now is if she joined the Flat Earth Society.

She began her tirade yesterday with the usual...the UN is the "world's voice" and they should determine our foreign policy, if you disagree with the Iraq War you are labeled "unpatriotic," etc. This is not out of the ordinary for Rosie. But, here is the statement that tops it all:

"Well, you have two choices in life, Elisabeth. Faith or fear. Faith or fear, that's your choice. You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks different than you and trying to convert them to your way of thinking...get away from the fear. Don't fear the terrorists. They're mothers and fathers."

There you have it. Don't fear the people who flew planes into the twin towers. Don't fear those who cry "Allah Akbar" while beheading American civilians like Daniel Pearle. Don't fear those who walk into a crowd of civilians with a bomb strapped to their chest and murder the innocent. Don't fear those that say:

"There will be continuing enmity until everyone believes in Allah. We will not meet the enemy halfway. There will be no room for dialogue with them."

"Islam does not make a truce with unbelief, but rather confronts it...dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine gun."

Don’t fear these people. They are just Mothers and Fathers.

By the way, the day after Rosie was proclaiming the "goodness of the world" and telling us not to fear "those that think differently than us," we get this little tidbit from the UK:

BBC - MI5 tracking 30 UK terror plots

You know what, Rosie? These people do think differently than us. Here is what they think:

“We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.”
- Osama bin Laden

"Every American man is an enemy to us."
- Osama bin Laden

"Hostility toward America is a religious duty, and we hope to be rewarded for it by God . . . . I am confident that Muslims will be able to end the legend of the so-called superpower that is America."
- Osama bin Laden

Should we take this threat seriously? Or, should we just sit back and realize that they think "differently" than us?

Just one more quote:

"Of course Americans should vote Democrat...It is time that the American people support those who want to take them out of this Iraqi mud"
-Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group

It seems Rosie doesn't think so differently than they do, after all.


Finally, it's over

The election results are in, and the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They lost the House of Representatives, and (as of this moment) they are in danger of losing the Senate. They lost because they abandoned their Contract with America. They became the party of big-government, increased spending, and corruption. I shed not one tear for their loss.

What I do dread is having to deal with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, Democrats pushing for socialized health care, and amnesty for illegal aliens. But, I'm sure I'll discuss all of that in later blogs.

I just wanted to put in my insignificant two cents. The Republicans lost, and they deserved it.

I also wanted to post a despicable bit of political race-bating in my own backyard...Fulton County, Georgia.

A man named John Eaves was running for County Commission Chairman in Fulton County. John Eaves happens to be black. Well, Congressman John Lewis, UN Ambassador Andy Young, and Mayor Shirley Franklin put together a little ad that used John Eaves race as a political football.

You can listen to the ad here. Once the word got out about the ad, they pulled the audio. But, you can read the transcript below.

This is a clear, unabashed fear tactic. It actually suggests that if Republicans are elected, blacks will be disenfranchised, harassed, and their lives will be put in danger.

(John Lewis) "On November 7th we face the most dangerous situation we ever have. If you think fighting off dogs and water hoses in the sixties was bad, imagine if we sit idly by and let the right-wing Republicans take control of the Fulton County Commission."

(Shirley Franklin) "The efforts of Martin and Coretta King, Hosea Williams, Maynard Jackson and many others will be lost. That's why we must stand up and we must turn out the vote for the Democrats on Election Day."

(Andy Young) "And especially for John Eaves for Fulton County Commission Chairman. Unless you want them to turn back the clock on equal rights and human rights and economic opportunity for all of us, vote for John Eaves as Fulton County Chairman"

(John Lewis) "Your very life may depend on it."

You know, this reminds me of another ad that was run in 1998. What was it?

Oh yeah...

"When you don't vote, you let another church explode. . . . you allow another cross to burn. . . . you let another assault wound a brother or sister . . . Vote smart. Vote Democratic for Congress and the U.S. Senate."

But, the elections are over. Thankfully, we won't have to listen to any more of this crap for a while.

Wait...the next elections are in 2008. You mean we only get a year without political ads? Damn.


The Verdict Is In!

The trial of Saddam Hussein is over, and the court has spoken. Saddam has been found guilty of crimes against humanity. He and six of his officials were convicted of the 1982 murders of 148 Shiites.

*It should be noted that Saddam murdered these Shiites using the sarin and nerve gas which, according to the mainstream media, he never possessed.

Saddam has also been given his sentence. What does the legal system do to a man who is guilty of murdering his own people? What is justice for a man who used his tyrannical rule to commit genocide and fill mass, unmarked graves? If it were an American court, he probably would have gotten probation. Thankfully, justice has been served.

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by hanging.

By any and all measures, this is justice. Good has won this battle over evil.

But, how does the left feel about the verdict? I am sure that a lot of liberals who still recognize Saddam as a brutal, genocidal tyrant will praise the court's decision. They may not agree with every aspect of the Iraq War, but they can see evil for what it is.

However, there is another segment of the Liberal voting base that can only be described as "unhinged." These are the anti-capitalist, blame-America-first, 9/11-was-an-inside-job, there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-moral-absolute, kooks.

Most days, you can find them hanging out at websites like or Well, over at the Huffington Post, they decided to chime in on the Saddam verdict. Here is how they see it:

Saddam is a far better man than George W. Bush ever thought about being.
By: shrike on November 05, 2006 at 07:58am

wow are bush, cheney, rumsfield and rice next?seems to me the killed about as many innocent iraqis as saddam did, and about as many innocent , trusting troops as civilians we lost on 9/11
By: stamper on November 05, 2006 at 07:35am

Now how about going after George Bush.
By: waxxx on November 05, 2006 at 07:36am

Had this been an honest, fair, legal trial by other than a puppet court of a puppet government established by the Bush administration, Saddam may still have been found guilty, but sentenced with him would have been Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Rice, had the trial truly been concerned with atrocities committed against Iraqis.

The number of innocents massacred by the neo-con zionist regime directing the Bush administration dwarfs those attributed to Saddam, and since the USA is still, though tenuously, a democracy, all US citizens bear an ultimate responsibility for these atrocities.
By: FUBush on November 05, 2006 at 07:41am

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and many others need to be brought to account for their crimes against humanity.
The only appropriate punishment would be a public hanging.

By: characterfirst on November 05, 2006 at 07:43am

If Bush was hung side by side with Saddam it would certainly help the cause of a better Iraq. Add Cheney and Rumsfeld and that would placate everyone.
By: BushCoSatanIncarnate on November 05, 2006 at 08:44am

One thing about Saddam he is more of man than the other god damn murdering piece of shit, Bush.

Can you see Bush telling the judge he wants a firing squad instead of hanging?
By: BushCoSatanIncarnate on November 05, 2006 at 08:42am

I was going to censor the profanity. But, I decided that their viciousness should be seen in its true form.


Whom do our enemies endorse?

The elections are right around the corner. In four days, we will decide if we want to throw the big-government Republicans out of office, and replace them with "we just want to talk to the terrorists" liberals. Some say that this election is a referendum on the war in Iraq or on President Bush.

If that's true, whom do our enemies, the Islamic terrorists, endorse for these elections? Well, let's go straight to the horse's mouth:

"Of course Americans should vote Democrat."
-Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity

"This is why American Muslims will support the Democrats, because there is an atmosphere in America that encourages those who want to withdraw from Iraq. It is time that the American people support those who want to take them out of this Iraqi mud"
-Jihad Jaara

"As Arabs and Muslims we feel proud of this talk [American withdrawal from Iraq]...Very proud from the great successes of the Iraqi resistance. This success that brought the big superpower of the world to discuss a possible withdrawal."
-Muhammad Saadi, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank town of Jenin

"[The policy of withdrawal] proves the strategy of the resistance is the right strategy against the occupation."
-Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' military wing in the Gaza Strip

"We warned the Americans that this will be their end in Iraq...They did not succeed in stealing Iraq's oil, at least not at a level that covers their huge expenses. They did not bring stability. Their agents in the [Iraqi] regime seem to have no chance to survive if the Americans withdraw."
-Abu Abdullah

"[The mujahedeen fighters] brought the Americans to speak for the first time seriously and sincerely that Iraq is becoming a new Vietnam and that they should fix a schedule for their withdrawal from Iraq"
-Abu Ayman, an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin

Abu Ayman also said he is "emboldened" by Americans who compare the war in Iraq to Vietnam.

These Islamic Terrorists also reject the argument that the insurgency would end if America left Iraq.

This is the argument that Nanci Pelosi has been pushing. Recently on "60 Minutes," Pelosi said,
"The jihadists (are) in Iraq. But that doesn't mean we stay there. They'll stay there as long as we're there."

When the terrorists heard this statement what was their response?

The terror leaders UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED her contention that an American withdrawal would end the insurgency.

"There is no chance that the resistance will stop."
-Muhammad Saadi

"[American withdrawal from Iraq] would prove the resistance is the most important tool and that this tool works. The victory of the Iraqi revolution will mark an important step in the history of the region and in the attitude regarding the United States."
-Muhammad Saadi

"[American withdrawal] would mark the beginning of the collapse of this tyrant empire [America]...Therefore, a victory in Iraq would be a greater defeat for America than in Vietnam."
-Jihad Jaara

"[American withdrawal] will reinforce Palestinian resistance organizations, especially from the moral point of view. But we also learn from these (insurgency) movements militarily. We look and learn from them."
-Jihad Jaara

"American withdrawal] would convince those among the Palestinians who still have doubts in the efficiency of the resistance."
-Abu Abdullah

"The victory of the resistance in Iraq would prove once more that when the will and the faith are applied victory is not only a slogan. We saw that in Lebanon (during Israel's confrontation against Hezbollah there in July and August); we saw it in Gaza (after Israel withdrew from the territory last summer) and we will see it everywhere there is occupation."
-Abu Abdullah

They urge Americans to vote Democrat. The Democrat plan (or lack thereof) for the Iraq war will embolden their followers. And, they would continue their attacks on America.

Convinced yet?

You can read the full interview here.


The Media carries the water for Kerry

How does ABC cover Kerry's dumba$$ comment? Here's how:

Kerry's Botched Iraq Joke: Maybe He Was Right?

There are two things of interest here. First, ABC contradicts Kerry's lame "I was talking about Bush" claim, by suggesting that he was, in fact, talking about the troops. It is obvious that was the point of his statement, and ABC knows it. So, they decide that they, along with the rest of the media, has to cover for him. That brings us to the second point.

They actually say that Kerry has a point! They actually believe that the troops are the left-overs from our educational system! Not only is this a slap in the face to our troops, it is blatantly FALSE!

A new study by the Heritage foundation shows:

"U.S. mil­itary enlistees are better educated, wealthier, and more rural on aver­age than their civilian peers.

Recruits have a higher percent­age of high school graduates and representation from Southern and rural areas. No evidence indicates exploitation of racial minorities (either by race or by race-weighted ZIP code areas). Finally, the distri­bution of household income of recruits is noticeably higher than that of the entire youth population."

Does Kerry have a point? NO! He is an imbecile.

In case you wonder how the other media outlets covered the Kerry comments, here you go:

New York Times lied about the comments

All the major newspapers buried the story

Katie Couric mocked GOP criticisms of Kerry

CNN correspondent said, "we hope and we think that all of this is going to go away tomorrow."

CNN's Jack Cafferty said, "one can only hope" this issue goes away quickly


How did Kerry feel about the troops in 1972? I've already told you how Kerry lied about witnessing civilian massacres perpetrated by our troops. But, here are some other comments Kerry made regarding the American military:

"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown...I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job.'"

War-crimes accusations? Check. Racially-charged epithets? Check. Arrogance? Check.


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Now, it's time for your "No sh*t, Sherlock" study of the day! A new study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs reaffirms what we have known for years...the media favors liberals.

The study focuses on media bias in the upcoming election. Has the media favored Democrats over Republicans in their reporting? Have they tried to show Democrats in the best possible light while simultaneously showing Republicans in the worst possible light? Let's look at the study. Here's how
USA Today covered the findings:

"Network news coverage has favored Democratic candidates in the midterm election, and the page scandal involving former congressman Mark Foley has been the main story line, drawing almost as much coverage as Iraq and terrorism combined, a new study finds.

An analysis by the Center for Media and Public Affairs of midterm election stories aired on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts Sept. 5-Oct. 22 found that 2006's coverage has been almost five times as heavy as in the 2002 midterm elections: 167 stories, compared with 35 four years ago.

The study found that three out of four evaluations of Democratic candidates' chances of winning — such as sound bites — were positive, compared with one out of eight for Republicans. Coverage has been dominated by two major themes: the effects of the Foley scandal, and the impact the Bush presidency is having on the party's congressional candidates.

The Foley scandal produced 59 stories alone, compared with 33 on Iraq and 31 on terrorism/national security issues. “What's hurting Republican candidates is the media's focus on two non-candidates: Mark Foley and George W. Bush,” says center director Robert Lichter."

Case closed.