Finally, it's over

The election results are in, and the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They lost the House of Representatives, and (as of this moment) they are in danger of losing the Senate. They lost because they abandoned their Contract with America. They became the party of big-government, increased spending, and corruption. I shed not one tear for their loss.

What I do dread is having to deal with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, Democrats pushing for socialized health care, and amnesty for illegal aliens. But, I'm sure I'll discuss all of that in later blogs.

I just wanted to put in my insignificant two cents. The Republicans lost, and they deserved it.

I also wanted to post a despicable bit of political race-bating in my own backyard...Fulton County, Georgia.

A man named John Eaves was running for County Commission Chairman in Fulton County. John Eaves happens to be black. Well, Congressman John Lewis, UN Ambassador Andy Young, and Mayor Shirley Franklin put together a little ad that used John Eaves race as a political football.

You can listen to the ad here. Once the word got out about the ad, they pulled the audio. But, you can read the transcript below.

This is a clear, unabashed fear tactic. It actually suggests that if Republicans are elected, blacks will be disenfranchised, harassed, and their lives will be put in danger.

(John Lewis) "On November 7th we face the most dangerous situation we ever have. If you think fighting off dogs and water hoses in the sixties was bad, imagine if we sit idly by and let the right-wing Republicans take control of the Fulton County Commission."

(Shirley Franklin) "The efforts of Martin and Coretta King, Hosea Williams, Maynard Jackson and many others will be lost. That's why we must stand up and we must turn out the vote for the Democrats on Election Day."

(Andy Young) "And especially for John Eaves for Fulton County Commission Chairman. Unless you want them to turn back the clock on equal rights and human rights and economic opportunity for all of us, vote for John Eaves as Fulton County Chairman"

(John Lewis) "Your very life may depend on it."

You know, this reminds me of another ad that was run in 1998. What was it?

Oh yeah...

"When you don't vote, you let another church explode. . . . you allow another cross to burn. . . . you let another assault wound a brother or sister . . . Vote smart. Vote Democratic for Congress and the U.S. Senate."

But, the elections are over. Thankfully, we won't have to listen to any more of this crap for a while.

Wait...the next elections are in 2008. You mean we only get a year without political ads? Damn.


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