A Moderate Muslim

Muslims from around the world constantly tell us that Islam is not a religion of violence, and that the terrorists are not true representatives of their religion. CAIR and other Muslim organizations speak faint-hearted, pseudo-condemnations of terrorist activities and proclaim that Islam is a "religion of peace."

There are many, like myself, who say:

“If you (Muslims) are truly opposed and offended by what these fascists have done to your religion, take to the streets in protest! Condemn their actions in the same flashy, overdramatic, passion-filled manner that you condemn the US.

You burn effigies of President Bush and Condoleeza Rice. Why not burn effigies of Osama bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri?”

The very least they could do is to write articles to their local papers, broadcasting their voice of protest to their community.

Well, one man did just that. Jamal Miftah wrote to the Tulsa World newspaper in Oklahoma. His article was titled, “Message of Islam is not jihad, fatwahs.” Here are portions of his letter to the Islamic Terrorists:

My message to Ayman al-Zawahri and Muslims of the world: "Islam" means submission and is derived from a word meaning "peace." Islam, Christianity and Judaism have the same origin, the Prophet Abraham. The prophet of Islam has said that God has no mercy on someone who does not have mercy for others.

I ask that al-Zawahri look at his deeds and those of his master, Osama bin Laden, and other so-called Islamic jihadists…They are incited, in the name of Islam, to commit heinous crimes not pardonable by any religion and strictly forbidden in Islam.

Cowards like al-Zawahri and bin Laden are inciting the ignorant and innocent youths to commit suicide bombings to kill innocent civilians including children, women and the elderly, while they hide in spider holes and caves.

I appeal to al-Zawahri and his band of thugs to hand themselves over to justice and stop spreading evil and killing innocent humans around the world in the name of Islam. Their time is limited and Muslims of the world will soon rise against them to apprehend them and bring them to justice.

This is the message the terrorists need to hear. They are the words of fellow Muslims condemning terrorist activities. These words proclaim that the acts of Terrorits do not bring glory to Allah. Such acts are horrible crimes against humanity and Islam.

Why don’t more Muslims speak out like this?

Well, this is probably why.

After Jamal Miftah’s letter was printed in the Tulsa World, Miftah was threatened with violence…by his fellow Muslims. And, he was kicked out of his Mosque. The leaders of his local Mosque refuse to let him return until he APOLOGIZES for his article. Other members of the Mosque condemned Miftah as “anti-Muslim.”

So, because he condemns those that murder the innocent, he is “Anti-Muslim?”

Got it.

If this is how they treat those that condemn the most deadly, heinous, extremist factions of their religion, are they really a "religion of peace?"


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