More on the Katrina "Victims"

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans over a year ago. Yet, we are still getting stories of Katrina "victims" ravaging charities who want to reach out to them. The useless, deceitful freeloaders who were "victimized" by Katrina have been more destructive than the Hurricane itself.

The newest story comes from Tennessee. Members of the Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis wanted to reach out and perform their Christian duty. They were going to help those in need - those put out by Hurricane Katrina. They weren't just going to take up a small collection during the offering time. They wanted to make a huge gesture to show the love of God. They wanted to find a family who lost their home in the Hurricane, and buy them a new one!

So, they began their search for a family in need of a home. After many interviews, they chose a family in need of a new house. They selected Joshua and Delores Thompson. Delores told the church committee that she lost her job as a nurse and that her husband lost his business in New Orleans. The family also told the committee that they really wanted to settle in Memphis.

Jean Phillips, a real estate agent and a member of the church, worked with the Thompsons in choosing their new house. In February, the Church paid $75,000 for the house that the Thompsons picked out.

Oh, how I wish the story ended there. The family picked out a house in the area that they wanted. This gracious, loving church paid for it in full, and signed it over to them.

Why can't the story end there? Oh, yeah. That's right. We are talking about the leaches on society known as "Katrina victims."

What did the Thompsons do with the $75,000 home that was bought for them?

"The couple sold the place without ever moving in and went back to New Orleans."

They turned around and sold the home for $88,000 without ever moving in. What did Joshua have to say to the Church who had given him a home?

"Take it up with God."

Nice, huh? So, what was their excuse for selling the home that the Church gave to them without even moving in? Delores told reporters:

"I really don't like this area."

Oh really? What did she tell the Chuch commitee when they were searching for a family in need? Jean Phillips tells us:

"They actually begged for the home...The family said it wanted to resettle in Memphis."


They lied to the church in order to portray themselves as "needy." They took advantage of the Church's generosity and charity in order to turn a profit. They had no intention of moving into that house. They had this planned from the very beginning. Unfortunately, their scam worked.

They have moved back to Memphis with the Church's money in their pocket.

There is even some evidence to suggest that the "Thompsons" were not a family at all. The article in the Chicago Trbune states:

"Church members said they feel that their generosity was abused by scam artists. They are no longer even sure that the couple were left homeless by Katrina or that they were a couple.

Property transfer records for the resale list her (Delores) as unmarried; the papers from the original sale list her as married."

This has happened far too many times with this same group of people. The former New Orleans residents have used this situation as an opportnity. Have they used this as an opportunity to move to a new area with a stronger marketplace, where they can make their job skills more useful and profitable? No.

They have robbed the taxpayers, robbed charities, and made real victims out of those that they have scammed.


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