NBC Admits It!

NBC has finally decided to come clean. Yesterday, they admitted on the Today show that they are trying to influence Foreign policy through their reporting. I kid you not.

With much fanfare, Matt Lauer took the stage in a piece about the Iraq War. He interviewed retired General Barry McCaffrey. The point of this piece was to discuss the terminology used to describe the War. Here is what Matt said:

"For months the White House rejected claims that the situation in Iraq has deteriorated into civil war. For the most part news organizations like NBC hesitated to characterize it as such. After careful consideration, NBC News has decided the change in terminology is warranted. And, what is going on in Iraq can now be characterized as civil war

He then said to General McCaffrey:

"Is the situation in Iraq a civil war or is it something else? Retired general Barry McCaffrey is a military analyst for NBC News. . . We should mention we didn't just wake up on a Monday morning and say ‘let's call this a civil war.' This took careful deliberation. We consulted with a lot of people. You were one of the people we talked to. Why did you weigh in on the side of calling this a civil war?"

Notice they consulted with “a lot of people.” But, because NBC has no objectivity and balance, we didn’t get to hear from the people who disagreed with the term “civil war.” They just brought on Gen. McCaffrey who happened to “weigh in on the side” that they wanted to promote.


But, it get’s better. After NBC took it upon themselves to label the Iraq War a “civil war,” they ran a piece which explained their reasoning behind changing the term and what they hoped to accomplish through the change.

The piece featured a Presidential Historian named Michael Beschloss. Here is what he told NBC:

“The Bush administration has a huge incentive to keep people from calling this a civil war. They know once this war is branded that way, Americans will essentially say that's not what we do, let's get out.

The piece was narrated by NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell. After Beschloss revealed NBC’s motivation for the terminology change, Mitchell added:

“Military experts also say if it is a civil war, US options are limited.”

The “limited option” Mitchell is referring to is “let’s get out.”

NBC admits in their own piece that by labeling the War a “civil war,” the American people will demand an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. They are trying to influence public opinion and foreign policy in the way they report!

NBC objectivity? I’m afraid that tenant moved out long ago. It subleased the NBC newscasts to blatant-bias and liberal-agendas.


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