Republicans let us down...AGAIN.

On election day, Republicans got thrown out of Congress because they have betrayed conservatism. It seems Republicans still haven't learned their lesson.

Now, they are planning to announce Mel Martinez as the new Republican National Committee Chairman. What's wrong with that? This is wrong with that. Mel Martinez has been pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Basically, Mel Martinez is saying to the illegal immigrant population:

"You broke our laws, you violated our borders, you stormed our gates, you break the law every second you remain in this we will reward you with citizenship!"

This is the man that the Republicans want to represent them on a National scope. It's about as bad as the Democrats naming Howard "I hate Republicans" Dean to be the DNC Chairman. But, we expect that stuff from the left. Republicans used to be the party of Conservatism.

They used to believe in strict border control. But, amnesty flies in the face of Conservatism. I know, I know...Ronald Reagan (one of the greatest conservatives) granted amnesty. It was a mistake then, and it is a mistake now.

But, at least Reagan didn't fold on other Conservative issues (Tax cuts, National defense, reduced social spending, etc). The current Republican party has folded on all of these issues.

It seems that they have no plans to return to Conservatism.


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