Reuters Strikes Again

Reuters decided that printing fake photographs highlighting their anti-Israel bias wasn't enough. It didn't expose them enough as a leftist medium. No, they had to go one step further.

Now they have run a story about the most unfriendly nation on the face of the planet. And, who would that be? Why, America, of course! Weren't you aware that America is a hate-filled, war-mongering, racist, genocidal, imperialistic force who is responsible for all the death and destruction on Earth?

And, on top of all that, our immigration officials are "rude." At least, that is what Reuters says:

"Rude immigration officials and visa delays keep millions of foreign visitors away from the United States, hurt the country's already battered image, and cost the U.S. billions of dollars in lost revenue, according to an advocacy group formed to push for a better system.

The problem is that since September 11, this country has viewed visitors more as a threat than an opportunity. The entry process has created a climate of fear and frustration that is keeping foreign visitors away."

According to Reuters, Immigration officials represent the country as a whole. After all, if Government-employed Immigration officials treat them poorly, just imagine how the rest of the country will treat them!

First of all, this is a lame argument. In no sane universe does a Government employee represent the country as a whole. But secondly, Reuters has completely missed it's target. If they truly wanted to find out which country was the most inhospitable to visitors, why not take a look at France. Their contempt for Americans is legendary. Trust me. I've been there.

Or, they could look at any country in the Middle East. Maybe Reuters has forgotten about these little gems:

And that was just last weekend. They were taken in Indonesia during President Bush's visit there. Indonesian Muslims took to the streets to decry Bush as a terrorist and call for his death.

You think that they limit their hatred to our elected officials?

This happens all the time. People all over the Middle East take to the streets and chant "Death to America." Many of them are taught from birth to hate Americans. They kidnap innocent Americans, Brits, and Australians. And, they praise Allah as they behead them. They murder Christians for daring to worship God. And, they forbid Christians, by threat of death, to spread the word of Christ.

But, Reuters doesn't see this as creating a "climate of fear." No, that scarlet letter is pinned to America. Because, our immigration official are...rude.


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