At a loss for words

Do you want to know what happens when you let morons take over the educational system? Wait…Government schools answer that question every day.

But, seriously. What would happen if hyper-sensitive, politically-correct obsessed, devoid-of-all-logical-reasoning Neanderthals were put in charge of a school system? I guess this would happen:

“A four-year-old hugged his teachers aide and was put into in-school suspension, according to the father. But La Vega school administrators have a different story.

Damarcus Blackwell's four-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after school last month, when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee.

The principal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the Blackwells that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment.’”

This story is out of Waco, Texas. You read it correctly. A teacher is accusing a 4 YEAR OLD of sexual harassment. Now, at this point, what the administration should have done is laugh in the teacher’s face and fire her on the spot for being a complete imbecilic jackass (Honestly, is that too much to ask for?).

But, nooooo. The administrators, like the wonderfully idiotic Government employees that they are, took the accusation seriously and suspended the student.

What the hell is going on in Government schools? Preschoolers are being accused of sexual harassment by their idiotic, hyper-sensitive teachers?!

I…I…I am at a loss for words.


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