Thursday it again

I love how people on the left continually scream that Bush only went to war for oil, money, corporate greed, etc, and that our soldiers are dying for nothing more than lining the pockets of the Bush administration.

Yet, the leftists at CNN market a terrorist propaganda film of Islamic fascists killing American soldiers, and not a word is said. It’s true. After CNN gave the terrorist propaganda and recruitment film a prime-time spot, they figured that they could squeeze out a few more bucks by making the footage available for purchase On-Demand:

(Photo courtesy of Darth Dilbert)

This is as cut-and-dry as it gets. CNN is lining their pockets with the blood of our soldiers.

They go out in-search of terrorist propaganda. They are given a recruitment film by an Islamic terrorist organization. They air it repeatedly just before the midterm elections. And, they put it up for sale. Effectively, they turned those soldiers deaths into capital gain. And, they used terrorist propoganda to do it.



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