My own conspiracy theory

I have restrained myself from commenting on the news last week that 6 Islamic imams were escorted off of a US Airways flight in handcuffs. I restrained myself because I wanted more facts of the case to come out before I formed any opinions.

Initially, the only reports coming out were that the men were taken off the plane because they were praying. Obviously, this did not make any rational sense. Even though there is a heightened sense of alertness to odd behavior from Islamic passengers, the simple act of prayer doesn’t seem to be enough to warrant their removal from a plane.

As details of the case have come forward, I have been justified in my assumption. These 6 imams gave the passengers and flight crew plenty of reason to be suspicious of them. Before boarding the plane, they were indeed praying. But, they were also repeatedly shouting “Allah!” After they boarded the plane, their odd behavior continued. They seated themselves in a pattern associated with the September 11 attacks. Two sat in the front first-class section, two sat in the middle section of the plane on the exit aisle, and two sat in the rear of the plane, also near the exits. From their seats, they could control all of the entrances and exits on the plane.

Furthermore, they asked for seat-belt extenders, even though they were not oversized, and did not require them. After the crew gave them the extenders, the men placed them on the cabin floor. Witnesses on the plane also told investigators that the men were speaking in Arabic and English, criticizing the Iraq War, President Bush, and discussing al Qaeda and bin Laden.

All of the factors added together equaled suspicion on the part of the flight crew. It was their discretion to remove them, and they did so. I believe they were completely justified in their actions.

But, here is the point I am trying to make. I have a theory about this entire situation. Please understand, this has never been stated as a fact of the case. And, to my knowledge, none of the investigators are proposing this theory.

I repeat, I am not stating this as fact. I am merely suggesting it as a theory. Now, stick with me. This might be confusing.

It may be possible that these men were trying to influence our future terrorist security measures. These men gave the flight crew every reason to be alarmed. Their behavior warranted suspicion. On top of their behavior, they were of the same religious and ethnic background of the 9/11 terrorists.

I believe that the imams planned to get arrested. They planned to have their behavior, religion, and ethnicity profiled. In doing so, they make the practice of terrorist profiling look ineffective and socially unacceptable. Because they were not armed with any sort of weapon, and apparently had no plans of hijacking the flight, they were cleared of any wrong-doing.

Based on this, people will begin to question,
“If our system of terrorist profiling could label them a flight risk based on their odd behavior and their religious and ethnic background, yet be so wrong about their guilt, is our system actually reliable?”

Once people begin questioning the reliability of the system, we will stop utilizing it. The next time a Muslim gives a flight crew reason to be suspicious, the crew may be hesitant to act due to the fear of being wrong or being labeled a racist.

If these imams had ties to terrorist organizations, and if they were, in fact, trying to help terrorists carry out future attacks, their crippling of our terrorist profiling system would benefit this agenda.

So, the question becomes, “Did they have ties to terrorism?” Omar Shahin, one of the imams involved in this controversy, used to be a representative for the organization KindHearts. The US Treasury Department has frozen the assets of KindHearts due to its ties to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization. According to the Treasury Department, KindHearts
"coordinated with Hamas leaders and made contributions to Hamas-affiliated organizations."

I’m not suggesting that this is smoking-gun evidence. Granted, Shanin left the organization after the Treasury Department began investigating them. I am simply saying that it looks very suspicious. At least one of them (that we know of) has a link to a terrorist organization. They send out more than enough signals to make the crew suspicious. They appear to be obvious flight risks. Yet, we cannot prove that they are terrorists.

Now, leftist activists everywhere are screaming discrimination and racism. The next time something like this takes place, the flight crew may not act. The next time, the threat may be real. And, the imams helped make it all possible.

I know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. I could be wrong about all of this. But, it warrants my suspicion.


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