Protecting the Flag

I have stated before my opposition to any Government ban on the burning of an American flag. It is my contention that such an action is a matter of political protest and free speech, both being protected by the First Amendment.

I do find the burning of the American flag disgraceful, outrageous, and completely abhorrent. But, because I believe in freedom, I am against any Government sanctions prohibiting such an act.

Apparently, an Associated Students group at an illustrious American College feels differently. The crazy thing is that this Associated Students group happens to be located in a hotbed for liberal activism…San Francisco, CA!

Associated Students, Inc. of San Francisco State College has unanimously passed a resolution condemning and prohibiting any desecration of a flag.

Oh…Did you think I was talking about the American flag? No, no, no. They are prohibiting the desecration of Terrorist flags.

That’s right. The students group passed the resolution after a group of College Republicans held a protest, at which they stomped on homemade flags of Hamas and Hezbollah. Muslim students who attended the rally became enraged because the flags consisted of an Arabic symbol for Allah. A shouting match ensued, and formal complaints were filed.

So, what was the thought process behind this gross infringement on Free Speech? Here is what Kimberly Castillo, a board member and chair of University Affairs, had to say:

“They (Muslim Students) were voicing their concerns that this event was even allowed. They were offended. We felt it our duty to respond.”

You’re right Kimberly. It was your duty to respond. Here is what you should have said:

“Unless you have forgotten, this is America. We have a Constitution which is the framework for our system of Government. That Constitution protects our rights as individuals to speak our minds without fear of retribution from a Government institution.

It does not protect you from being OFFENDED.

Grow up.”

But, the association felt it their duty to protect the “offended” Muslims, by infringing on the Free Speech rights of the College Republicans. The resolution may even be used to suspend the College Republican’s funding. Ok. The next time a group of Liberal students gets together to protest the war, call George Bush a Nazi, ridicule Christians, or participate in any other action that could be considered “offensive” to a Conservative, I expect a similar ruling. I expect you to once again infringe upon the First Amendment rights of students to protect those who are “offended.”

Don’t worry. I’m not holding my breath.


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