A Purely Scientific Poll

What exactly does MSNBC think about the Iraq Study Group’s report? Well, if they were truly objective, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE AN OPINION. But, since MSNBC and most of the other mainstream media outlets waived bye-bye to objectivity long ago, they made their opinions well-known in an absurdly biased poll on their website.

I’m sure this is a completely “scientific” poll, which isn’t based on loaded, leading multiple choice options:

Click Here to see the poll.

Do you believe the Iraq Study Group report will make any difference?

1. Yes. With its recommendations and proposals, it gives the United States the opportunity for a 'graceful exit.'

2. No. The Bush administration will ignore most, if not all, of the recommendations.

3. Maybe. If the Democrat-controlled Congress puts pressure on the administration.

Not one of those options actually questions the validity or the correctness of the report. MSNBC considers the findings to be gospel. If only we would enact them, we would succeed. The only thing standing in the way of their effectiveness is George Bush.

Here we have a report that is the answer to all of our problems, and we refuse to questions its legitimacy. If only George Bush would listen.

Bias? What media bias?


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