What do UGA students care about?

On November 30, the Red and Black ran two letters in the "Mailbox" section of the Opinions page. One of those was a sharp criticism of Joe T., UGA's quarterback. You know, he’s the guy that plays a game on the weekends.

The other was a very harsh criticism of the American soldiers. You know, they are the ones who are sacrificing their lives to protect us from the Islamic terrorists.

This letter was written by Caitlin Smith. Ms. Smith leveled a very vile charge against our troops. Yet, sadly, it is one I have heard before from other anti-military, peace-at-any-price individuals. Ms. Smith questioned why we call our soldiers "heroes." She implies that our soldiers, as a standard, are indiscriminately murdering innocent civilians, with the "full consent and even support by his or her country."

This is vicious slander against our troops, not to mention a complete fallacy.

Apparently, Caitlin has never heard of a court-martial. This is the military tribunal we use to judge soldiers who act outside of the rules of engagement. We take war crimes, such as the indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians, very seriously. And, we hold those responsible accountable. But, to Caitlin, we don’t condemn these actions, we encourage them. Soldiers are simply mass-murders in camouflage who commit hideous crimes, as the United States cheers them on.

The truly sad part of all this happened the next day. How many rebuttal letters to the editor do you think were printed in the Red and Black? Not one. Not one single letter was printed standing up for the troops, exposing this anti-military agenda.

What were the students concerned with? A letter criticizing Joe T., the quarterback.

Nine letters were printed in defense of Joe T.'s ability to play a game.

Simply shameful.


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