Bias confirmed

The New York Times is really making this too easy. It has always been easy to find evidence of their liberal bias. But, rarely do they ever announce it to us. Over the weekend, they practically did just that.

Yesterday in their Business section, they ran an article about Mutual Funds. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Boring, but straight forward.

However, this particular article focused on a New York Investment group called Blue Investment Management. Here is how the article describes the group:

"In one election after another, American voters have shown that they are sharply divided along partisan lines. Now, Americans have a new way to demonstrate whether they lean red or blue: through their choice of a mutual fund.

Two funds started recently by Blue Investment Management, a New York fund company that is less than a year old, will limit their holdings to companies that donate the majority of their political contributions to Democrats."

At the surface, there doesn’t seem to be any problem. The New York Times is reporting on an investment group who only supports Democratic Kool-Aid drinkers. Got it.

But, a very brief look into Blue Investment Management's portfolio reveals a different story. Here are a few of the companies that Blue Investment Management invests in:

Bed, Bath, and Beyond
The Gap

No real problems there. But, looky what we have here. Two of the big name companies that Blue Investment Management finds liberal enough to support:

CBS and The New York Times Company.

Surprise, Surprise. Of course, this little fact was left out of the Times' article.

So, by studying the political contributions of CBS and The New York Times, Blue Investment Management has found that both companies are strong supporters of the Democratic Party and liberal causes. Go figure.

The mainstream media keeps telling us that they are not biased. Yet, they keep running articles that scream they are!


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