The Economy is Great...Now.

Was there really a single person on the planet that didn’t see this one coming? For the past few years, our economy has been booming with low unemployment, higher average wages, and a drastic increase in home ownership. The economy has been fantastic.

Of course, that isn’t the report we have been getting from the media. They drag every left-wing economist they can find in front of the cameras to proclaim that our economy is terrible.

It’s funny how a 5.6% unemployment rate under Bill Clinton was phenomenal. Yet, a 4.5% unemployment rate under President Bush is disastrous. Just in case you slept through Economics 101, when it comes to unemployment rates, lower numbers are better than higher numbers.

Yes, the media has been hammering the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress with a sagging economy. The Republican tax-cuts to the wealthiest one percent are destroying our financial structure. The economy will never recoup!

That is, until Democrats take control again. That’s right. We all saw it coming. The economy under Bush…bad. Now that the Democrats are in control of the Congress…the economy is great!

Read it here.

We are sure to see more stories exactly like this for the next 2 years. Our country has been in shambles. But, with Democrats in control, all that will magically change.

Aren’t we lucky the Democrats seized control? The Republicans spent the last 6 years trying to destroy this country. But, a mere 10 days after taking office, the Democrats have dramatically repaired the damage!



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