Kids will be kids...

Anyone who knows me can attest to this. I’m not a big fan of kids. I don’t plan on having any. I also believe that there are many people in this world who shouldn’t be allowed to have any.

Rule # 1 – If your reaction to your child’s misbehavior is “no reaction at all,”
you don’t get to have a child.

Rule # 2 – If your reaction to your child’s misbehavior is laughter at “how cute
it is,”
you don’t get to have a child.

Rule # 3 – If your reaction to your child’s misbehavior is asking them nicely to
, you don’t get to have a child.

I understand, kids will be kids. But, PARENTS MUST BE PARENTS. Apparently, Julie and Gerry Kulesza never got the memo.

Last week, AirTran Airways took action against the Kulesza’s when they refused to be parents to their whiny, annoying child. Apparently, their 3 year old girl got onto the plane with them, and immediately began to throw a tantrum. She refused to sit in her seat, yelled, rolled on the floor of the plane, crawled under the seats, hit her parents, you know…a tantrum.

The plane couldn’t take off until this child sat in her seat and was buckled in. 112 people were waiting to leave this airport. They were just waiting for these parents to take action to get their child in that seat.

What do parents do in this situation? If you actually cared about rearing your child to be able to integrate into civilized society, you stop the tantrum. You take that child off of the plane, and spank them. You spank them until they understand why it’s not OK for them to inconvenience 112 people.

But, if you are the Kulesza’s, you do nothing. You wait until the child gets tired of screaming and quits. Of course, by that time, you and your menace of a child have already delayed the flight to the point of cancellation and infuriated 112 passengers. But, forget about that. Your little “angel” is “expressing” herself.

AirTran did exactly what they should have done. They kicked that family off of the plane. They even went above and beyond by giving the family a full refund for their tickets and 3 free round-trip tickets.

I’m glad AirTran kicked them off the plan. But, I wish they hadn’t given them the refund or the free tickets. These despicable excuses for “parents” should learn a hard lesson from their unwillingness to act like responsible adults. They refused to act like parents.

By the way, I had said that the way to handle the situation was to take the child off the plane and spank them.

If you did that sort of thing in California, you could be arrested.


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