Our Great Economy

I’ll keep this short. I know that blogs about Government revenues can be boring. But, you need to read this, because you’re highly unlikely to hear good economic news out of the mainstream media.

The economy is in great shape. Government tax revenues are up and the deficit is down…way down.

Wait, I thought that the “tax cuts for the rich” were going to destroy our country. Bush was just giving money to his Corporate buddies while the rest of America starves. We can’t “afford” tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent!

This is the line that you hear from anyone who misunderstands the basic concepts of our economic system. Mind you, most politicians who utter that statement understand our economic system, and they know that statement is a complete lie. But, they also know that class-warfare is a great way to buy votes from ignorant people.

It has been empirically proven time and time again that when you stimulate economic performance by allowing citizens to keep more of the money that they have earned, tax revenues go up. When their money is not being redistributed through a socialist tax and spend system, they can invest their money into the economy. It ain’t rocket science.

Just look at the current economic figures:

(Image source: BizzyBlog)

Tax revenues for the last fiscal year have gone up 9.7%! The deficit that is so crushing…went down 57%!

57%! In case you suck at math, it was cut by more than half.

Let’s wait to see if this great news is broadcast on the major news networks. I doubt it.


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