The Religion of Global Warming

Ok. This is getting ridiculous. The theory of man-made Global Warming is no longer a theory. It’s not even a issue of policy. It goes even beyond a political issue. It is a RELIGION. It has all of the characteristics.

Its theology consists of the belief that man is destroying the planet through his CO2 emissions. The god of Global warming is Mother Earth. The devil takes the form of mankind. Their bible is “An Inconvenient Truth.” The way to salvation is by reducing man-made CO2 emissions. In effect, Mother Earth will be resurrected if man will turn from his evil ways. Make no mistake. To those that buy in to the idea of man-made Global Warming, this is truly a religious calling.

They, and their cohorts in the media, have even gone so far as to say that the debate on man-made global warming is closed. No further discussion must be allowed. We must act now to save the planet and stop talking. To continue talking and disregard action, is to sentence us all to death.

Now, CBS has gone one step further. They have solidified the idea that the belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion. There is no doubt, now. The Church of Global Warming is in session.

CBS has labeled Al Gore their “Prophet.” I…kid…you…not.

This morning on the “Early Show,” host Harry Smith was questioning Al Gore and Richard Branson, the Chairman of Virgin Group about their fight against Global Warming. The following exchange took place:

Harry Smith: "You have only known each other about a year or so as I understand it. Is Al Gore a prophet?"

Richard Branson: "How do you spell prophet? They -- I think that Al Gore has been -- has almost single-handedly brought global warming to the forefront of the world. You know, outside America, he is perceived as a prophet spelled in the right way, and, you know, inside America I think a lot of people who have read well and know that, you know, know that he's right and that something's got to be done."

Harry Smith: "Is this the right way to get your message across though? Because the question was asked in the press conference today, would you not be better off trying to affect this change from the White House as opposed to doing it in a sort of 'Johnny Appleseed' way, the way you're doing it now."

Keep in mind, this is the mainstream media's idea of "OBJECTIVE REPORTING."

This is really getting out-of-hand. These nuts have tried to catapult themselves to Biblical status. The next logical step is to full-blown deity. Mark my words. It won’t be long before Gore proclaims himself a god.


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