Alcohol on Sunday

There are a lot of times that I am ashamed to be from the south. There are times that I am saddened to be labeled as one of the “Religious Right.” This is one of those times.

Yes, I am a born-again Christian. Yes, I try to live my life according to Biblical principles and the teachings of Christ. Like Christ, I am also a believer in Freedom. I see no evidence that Jesus wanted to use the police power of Caesar to force the public to live by his teachings. He allowed individuals to choose.

Many of the “religious right” don’t see it this way. They see it as their duty to use the police power of Government to enforce Biblical teachings. Thus, I am ashamed to be lumped together with these individuals.

Christian groups in Georgia have recently lobbied Georgia legislators to block a bill concerning the sale of liquor on Sundays. The State bill will allow the voters of Georgia to decide whether or not private businesses will be allowed to sell Alcohol on Sundays.

First of all, the very idea of this bill is absurd. It will allow the voters to use the Government to tell private businesses what they can and can not sell. Who the hell gave them that authority? Unless the voters own some sort of stock in those businesses, they have NO say in the decisions of that business. Absolutely none.

If I have the financial resources to start my own business, and I choose to do so, that business belongs to me. The decision-making power for that business belongs to me….No one else. That’s how a free society works.

But, the reason that these Christian groups want to block the bill is because they don’t want the sale of alcohol allowed on Sundays. Hey, morons…THAT’S NOT FOR YOU TO DECIDE.

Do I drink alcohol? No. Never have. Do I approve of it? Ideally, I wish people would abstain from it. But, do I think the Government should enforce my wish for people to abstain? ABSOLUTLEY NOT!

Now, if individual consumers decide that they will not give their business to restaurants that serve alcohol on Sundays, more power to them. The free market will do its job, and the owner of that restaurant may decide to change his policy.

But, the Government has no place forcing him to do so.

Unfortunately, many in the “Bible Belt” disagree. They will continue on their mission to use Caesar to enforce Christianity. And, I will continue being ashamed to be associated with them.


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