Bias worth noting

The AP and others in the media will go to many lengths to whitewash Muslim extremists. They don’t call them terrorists. They call them insurgents. They refer to Islamic terrorists rioting in the streets of Europe as “youths.”

Now, the AP has posted an image on Yahoo News which was taken during a Muslim protest rally. Look at the image:

The writing on that sign looks strangely familiar doesn’t it? We’ve seen it before:

“Behead those who insult Islam.” That is the message they have for us. But, the AP didn’t want to communicate their extremist views and murderous rage to us in the West. So, they did a little cropping of the photo. Notice, it only reads “Behead those.” The original caption for the image completely ignored the murderous intent of the protestors. Here is the original caption. The bias is real. They try to keep it under the radar. But, they failed.

Several Conservative bloggers took note, and the AP quickly changed the caption. Here is the new one.

Whitewashing the enemy? Why would they do that? Why would the AP be apologists for Islamic extremists?

I think you know the answer.


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