Good news in Iraq!

Well, wonders never cease. I rag on the mainstream media…a lot. And, I do it for good reason. Their liberal tilt has passed a breaking point. What we currently have is news commentating and agenda-driven broadcasts. It is NOT objective journalism.

But, I will give credit where credit is due. Every now and then one of the mainstream outlets will surprise me with honest reporting. NBC did just that last night. They ran a report from Baghdad about the successes in Iraq. Their report focused on the outstanding progress being made by our troops in the field and on the gratefulness of the Iraqi people, who do not want to see our troops leave.

NBC anchor Brian Williams was on the ground in Baghdad, and here is a small portion of his report:

Brian Williams: “This is what the General heard today about how warmly the locals now view the Americans.”

Colonel John Charlton: "They do not want us to leave. They want to see the police come through.”

Lt. Colonel Charles Ferry: “The people here are very glad to see us. They are very hesitant still because they're not sure if we're going to stay. They want us to stay…That's the whole deal. If we stay down here and to keep beating down the insurgents."

Brian Williams, to the officers: “You just said, 'They don't want us to leave.' That's the tenth time today I've heard that. I've got to go back to the States and do a newscast that every night has another politician or 12 of them saying, 'We have got to get out of that godforsaken place.'”

General Odierno: "They can talk about policy, okay, and that's what they have to do back there. My mission right now is to provide protection for the Iraqi people so this government can grow."

Brian Williams: “And General, you and I heard sentiments we don't often hear today, the U.S. commanders quoting the Iraqis: 'please don't leave us.' And a lot of the U.S. fighters there today said they didn't want to leave this fight, they are dedicated to it.”

General Wayne Downing: “Brian, every single one of them, I ran into a lot of officers and NCOs that I served with -- every soldier that I ran across today I asked him: 'How do you feel about what's going on, what do you know about what is going on back in the states?' And without exception -- this was spontaneous, especially when you start talking to PFCs and Spec 4s, they're going to tell you the truth, no party line. Very proud of what they're doing. Very, very dedicated. Many of these guys, Brian, are back here on their second and third tours. These are one-year tours. Extremely well trained and very professional.”

Fellow NBC reporter, Richard Engel, even took the time to mention the drastic decrease in violence in Sadr City, a city considered a hotbed for terrorist activity.

In December of 2006, there were 254 murders and 440 attacks. In February of 2007, there were 19 murders and 91 attacks.

We are winning in Iraq. And, NBC finally reported on it. Better late than never, I guess.


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