The Media Jihad

I’ve mentioned the Media Jihad that our enemy is engaged in. They are trying to use the US media against us, to break our will and turn us against the War on Islamic Extremism (aka The War on Terror). Unfortunately, the leftist US media is all to willing to comply. After all, CNN thinks nothing about giving a prime-time spot to a Terrorist propaganda film.

The media’s constant hammering of the War and the Administration has swayed weak-kneed Americans toward the path of appeasement. It seems that this is exactly what the Islamic Extremists had in mind. A recent post on an Islamic website, exposed their mission to infiltrate Internet forums. Here is a portion of the post:

"There is no doubt, my brothers, that raiding American forums is among the most important means of obtaining victory in the fierce media war... and of influencing the views of the weak-minded American who pays his taxes so they will go to the infidel American army. This American is an idiot and does not [even] know where Iraq is... [It is therefore] mandatory for every electronic mujahid [to engage in this raiding]."

"It is better that you raid non-political forums such as music forums and trivia forums... which American people... favor... Define your target[ed forum]... and get to know it well... Post your contribution and do not get into... futile arguments..."

"Obviously, you have to register yourself using a purely American name... Choose an icon that indicates that you are an American, and place it next to your nickname [in the forum]."

"In my experience, the areas most visited in American forums... [are titled] 'Random Thoughts' and 'What's going on in your mind?'... [The former] takes priority in the American forums, and is highly popular. You should post your contribution there... This should include films of the mujahideen in Iraq, mujahideen publications in English, and images and films of the Americans' crimes, [such as] killing unarmed civilians in Iraq... etc."

"Obviously, you should post your contribution... as an American... You should correspond with visitors to this forum, [bringing to their attention] the frustrating situation of their troops in Iraq... You should invent stories about American soldiers you have [allegedly] personally known (as classmates... or members in a club who played baseball and tennis with you) who were drafted to Iraq and then committed suicide while in service by hanging or shooting themselves..."

"Also, write using a sad tone, and tell them that you feel sorry for your [female] neighbor or co-worker who became addicted to alcohol or drugs... because her poor fiancé, a former soldier in Iraq, was paralyzed or [because] his legs were amputated... [Use any story] which will break their spirits, oh brave fighter for the sake of God..."

"You should enter into debate or respond only if it is extremely necessary... Your concern should [only] be introducing topics which... will cause [them to feel] frustration and anger towards their government..., which will... render them hostile to Bush... and his Republican Party and make them feel they must vote ton bring the troops back from Iraq as soon as possible."

"Do not... discuss issues pertaining to Arabs or Muslims at all, whether negatively or positively... because this could be a trap for you... In addition, do not ask people to circulate the material [you have posted] in other forums... as these types of requests will expose you..."

It’s a Terrorist instruction manual. And, it just so happens to be directly in sync with the Liberal plan of attack against the War.

The goal of this Media Jihad is to undermine support for the war by highlighting the tragedies of War or simply making stuff up. We know that the media is guilty of both of these things. I’m looking at you Reuters.

If their Jihad succeeds, people will turn against the Administration and against the war. They will demonize the President, and claim that we can’t win in Iraq.

Wait…isn’t that happening now? I guess their ruse is working.


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