Hey, ABC. Your bias is showing!

One of the most striking displays of Liberal media bias comes when a Democrat and a Republican make the exact same mistake/action/statement. Watch the media coverage of the two politicians’ mistake/action/statement. The bias is unmistakable.

Take for instance the Trent Lott vs. Christopher Dodd coverage. Lott was run out of his job. Dodd was given a pass.

Try the attorney firings by President Bush and President Clinton. President Bush fired 8 Capitol Hill lawyers. Absolutely NO laws were broken in either case. Yet, there are calls for Bush’s impeachment and the firing of Attorney General Gonzales. Clinton fired all 93 of his attorneys, and CNN simply labeled it a "clean sweep."

Now, we have Mitt Romney vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary recently set a campaign fundraising record by raising $26 million. ABC heralded this achievement as "making history," "a sign of strength," and as a "shock and awe announcement." They praised her.

Then Romney announced that he had raised $23 million. In case you suck at math, that’s less than Hillary’s $26 million. Less money = less praise from the media. OK, I get that. That’s fair.

But, while announcing Hillary’s fundraising, ABC had nothing but words of praise. Contrast that with ABC’s response to Romney’s announcement. When his announcement was made, ABC began questioning his fund-raising methods and his contributions from the Mormon Church.

They didn’t ask one question about Hillary’s campaign contributions sources. Not once did they question her fundraising methods, even though she had set a RECORD. But, if a Republican raises $3 million less than Hillary, the inquisition is on!

Here’s how ABC covered Hillary Clinton:

Diane Sawyer: "We turn now to the presidential race for 2008 and staggering dollar signs. In fact, Senator Hillary Clinton has taken in a record $26 million in the first three months of the year, she has announced. And ABC's weekend anchor Kate Snow is here with the rest of it. Kate?"

Kate Snow: "Well, Diane, big numbers are seen as is a sign of strength. Small numbers can mean the end for a candidate. And while we still don't know this morning how the leading Republicans stack up, we have heard from several Democrats and we sure know who is on top. What does Barbra Streisand have in common with rapper Timbaland? They both chipped in to help Hillary Clinton make history. Shattering the record held by Al Gore when he ran for president, Senator Clinton raised $26 million over 10 weeks."

Now, here is there coverage of Mitt Romney. Note, the reporter did describe it, initially as "staggering." But, the tone very quickly changed:

Robin Roberts: "Well, Claire, now we're going to talk to the man of the morning, former Governor Mitt Romney. We spoke from Watertown, Massachusetts to discuss those staggering fund-raising totals that are the talk of the town. Governor Romney, we certainly do appreciate your time this morning. Third in the Republican polls, but you have everybody's attention this morning. So, where is the money coming from, Governor?"

Romney: "Well, frankly, from all over the country. I think from all 50 states. I'm very heartened by the fact that people who have heard my message and have seen me have been willing to part with some money and send it my way. It's giving us a great boost, a great start, and, of course, it's very encouraging and heartening to know the message is connecting with people across the country, particularly in the early primary states."

Roberts: "You say the money is coming from all the states. The ‘New York Times’ this morning is reporting that 15 percent of the money raised in your campaign is coming from the state of Utah. Many speculate that it has something to do, of course, with your being a Mormon. Does your, does your religion factor in at all in your campaign and in your fund-raising?"

Romney: "Of course not. The number one state is California and I lived, of course, for several years in Utah and helped organize the Olympic games there. So it's pretty natural that some of the folks who know me there and that are good friends have been supportive of my effort of my effort there. I think this is a campaign about changing Washington. Americans want a person who is willing to make some real dramatic change there and transform government to make it more responsive to the needs of our people, to bring stronger families, better jobs, better schools, better health care. And they're tired of all the bickering in Washington. They don’t want a life-long politician. They want somebody who will actually bring change."

Roberts: "Many are wondering if you will do, take a page from former President Kennedy, who had addressed the nation about his Catholic upbringing. Do you anticipate, anticipate doing the same?"

Romney: "Well, you know, time will tell about that. There's probably not a single interview I do with you guys that doesn't raise that issue, so, of course, we talk about it from time to time. But, you know, what I find as I go across the country is the people I talk to want a person of faith to lead the country, but they don't particularly care what brand of faith the person has, so as long as they have American values and we have shared values. "

Bias? What media bias?


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