High Gas Prices...a good thing?

I can't believe it! A reporter with ABC's Good Morning America actually went on the air Friday and praised high gas prices! You read that correctly. They said that high gas prices were a good thing. According to this reporter, high gas prices are "a big idea," "innovative," and "discourage guzzling."

I'm glad that this information is finally getting out there. I'm glad that the media is finally figuring out the role of higher gas prices when it come to supply and demand. It's just too bad that they will only mention it in a story about EUROPEAN gas prices.

Oh....did I forget to mention that? Yes, yes. This entire monologue about high gas prices came about in a story of how innovative Europeans are in dealing with environmental issues.

Apparently, when America's gasoline costs $2.00 per gallon, is is due to the filthy greed of the evil oil companies. When France sells it for $6.00 per gallon, it is an attempt to make the world a better place.

Here is the rancid diatribe:

Chris Cuomo: "Here I am in front of the famous Arc de Triomphe. And you're looking at a major environmental situation, the greenhouse gases caused by automobiles. But you're also looking at a solution here in Europe, smaller vehicles, more energy efficient. Many which use diesel fuel which is more efficient. And the price of gas here is $6 a gallon to discourage guzzling. A lot of big ideas and innovations coming out of Europe.

We just got a recent revelation out of Norway. They're going to reduce emissions 30 percent by the year 2020. They also had a Europe wide lights out day.

Here in the city of lights, that meant the Eiffel Tower went dim for five minutes. In that one day, France reduced its energy use by 1 percent, which is amazing. They've also changed all 20,000 light bulbs in the Eiffel Tower to make them more energy efficient and shut down. And they shut down all the lights in the city at 1am just to save energy.

Another important note here in France, now they're getting 80 percent of their energy for everything from nuclear power. Of course, that means no greenhouse emissions. That means a much cleaner environment, the air quality is better. In fact, the air quality in France, even in Paris, with all these cars and all the industry and all the people, is the cleanest in the industrialized world.

Europe does have a lot of significant issues it has to deal with, like the United States.
But they're much more innovative here in terms of figuring out what to do."

The entire report is an attempt to slight America for our "backwards" policies. Cuomo praises Europeans for being so "innovative" and "clean." Mind you, that is probably the only time you'll ever hear a European described as "clean."

But, right there at the beginning of his condemnation of the US, Cuomo specifically states that $6.00/gallon gasoline is meant to discourage wasteful use. He's absolutely right. If it costs more, people will buy less. The supply is regulated by the price. THAT IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK! The Government is not meant to to control prices. That is the job of the free market.

It isn't until ABC gets the chance to praise Europeans that they will finally admit that. When it comes to a report on American gas prices, however, watch how they report it. They will never talk about the US Government's incredibly high share of gasoline profits. They will never talk about the role of high prices in the law of supply and demand.

They will simply tell you that the oil companies are trying to gouge you with outrageous profits. $2.00/gallon gasoline in America = evil. $6.00/gallon gasoline in Europe = innovative.


By the way, ABC also neglected to mention a couple of things. First of all, they praise Europe for switching much of their energy needs over to Nuclear power. Excuse me? Do you have any clue as to why we can't build more nuclear power plants in America? ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Their lobbies in Washington prevent much need oil refineries and nuclear power plants from being built. They constantly scream at us for not being more energy efficient, then they accuse us of destroying the environment when we try to improve our efficiency.

Also, ABC neglected to mention the high cost on France's economy due to their environmental regulations. Their "innovation" is paid for by extremely heavy taxation and a 10% unemployment rate.


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