The Measure of Happiness

How do you gauge happiness? What is the measure of a happy life? A recent study tried to determine the “happiest” people in the world. The researchers considered factors like health, prosperity, and education. They found that at the top of the list was Denmark. The Danes ranked as the happiest people in the world.

So what accounts for this illustrious classification? What makes the Danish people so darn happy? ABC’s Good Morning America decided to find out. Lama Hasan reported from Denmark. Here is what she had to say:

Hasan: “Unlike Americans, Danes are not always comparing themselves to others and asking for more. It seems that everywhere you go in Copenhagen, you stumble on the satisfied. Having a generous welfare system that provides security and comfort doesn’t hurt.”

Hasan, also correctly pointed out that their “generous welfare system” is paid for with “astronomical taxes.” (FYI, According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Denmark has the highest Income Tax rate in the world at 68%.)

But, Hasan needed to talk to average Danes, the ones who benefit so much from the “generous welfare system.” She interviewed one lady who explained what her secret is to such immense happiness:

Steina (No last name given): "I don't put dreams totally up there so I can't reach them."

Don’t you see? All we need to be happy is a Government who over taxes us, then convinces us that their handouts are “generous.” And, when it comes to setting life goals, we should set the bar just high enough to trip over.

Got it?

Thus, the brilliance of the Denmark system…an overtaxed welfare state with incredibly low self-expectations. I guess it is no wonder why that county produces virtually nothing, adds nothing to the rest of the world’s populace, and generally fails to improve themselves as human beings.

But, according to ABC, that is the shinning example that we should all strive to emulate.

This is why I can no longer call these people "liberals."


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