The Virginia Tech Shooting

I don't know what to say really. Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to the victims' and their families. Words can't really describe the nature of an event like this. Evil acts were carried out by an evil person. Innocent lives were lost. It is a tragedy of astounding magnitude.

The small glimmer of hope that can be focused on is the heroes that came out of such a tragic event. Certainly, the law enforcement officers on the scene deserve immense gratitude. But, there are also ordinary citizens who deserve to be recognized for their acts of heroism. When they take action to protect the lives of others, they are worthy of being called a hero. When we focus on these stories of bravery, sacrifice, selflessness...that can be the shining light in a time of such great darkness.

One such story is already being reported. 77 year-old Liviu Librescu, was an engineering professor at Virginia Tech. He was also a Holocaust Survivor. Up until yesterday, his life was no doubt defined by his survival of the most horrific mass genocide the world has ever known.

However, yesterday, his life was defined by his sacrifice in the worst mass shooting in American history. Professor Librescu was teaching his class in Norris Hall, as Cho Seung-hui began his shooting spree.

After hearing the shots and realizing that the shooter was approaching his classroom, Librescu ran to the door and blocked it with his body, giving his students time to evacuate through the windows.

Liviu Librescu was shot and killed as he was blocking the door. He sacrificed his life to save his students.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a hero. That is the shinning light in the see the goodness of some during times of such evil committed by others.


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