Geraldo at Large

There are moments in a debate where it seems as if one of the debaters doesn’t even listen to the words that come out of their mouth. If they did actually listen to themselves, they would hide their face in shame over the stupidity that they utter. Such is the case with those who rationalize the criminal activity of illegal immigrants.

One such argument that those individuals make was repeated by open-border advocate Geraldo Riviera. On his Sunday program, Geraldo interviewed Jean, an illegal immigrant father of four children. During the interview, Geraldo looked into the camera and made the following statement:

“Take a shot of these children. And I say to my colleague and friend Bill O'Reilly, I say it to Sean Hannity, and especially to the most hysterical voice in the bunch, Lou Dobbs of CNN. Look at these children. Do you want to be responsible for separating these babies from their daddy? Their hard-working daddy who's done nothing but do good here in this country? Is that where we're going with this? Is that where we're going?”

Illegal immigrant supporters like Geraldo have made it a staple to cry about “the children.” It’s funny how people with such weak arguments revert to the “think about the children” rationalization. It’s an absurd argument. Here’s why.

You can take, as an example, any country in the world. What happens when a citizen of that country breaks that country’s laws? If they commit a serious enough crime, the law-breaker is sent to prison (or worse). Every single government on the face of the planet exercises a form of incarceration for criminals. Now…when a criminal is incarcerated, do they get to take their children to prison with them?

No? But, that means you’re breaking up a family! Why? Just because one of the parents committed a serious violation of that country’s laws, is that any reason to take them away from their children? Please! Someone think about the children!!!

Do you see how that works? When a parent CHOOSES to commit a crime, that parent has CHOSEN to be separated from their family.

That’s problem #1 with Geraldo’s asinine argument. Here’s #2.

When facing deportation, our laws allow illegal immigrants to CHOOSE whether or not to take their children with them. The state does not automatically take custody of their children. They can take them with them to their home country. So, families are not being broken up. Illegal immigrant parents can CHOOSE to take their children with them or to ABANDON them in the United States.

So, Geraldo already has two strikes against him for this ridiculous statement. Do you think there’s a third strike in there somewhere? Oh yes. There most certainly is.

“Do you want to be responsible for separating these babies from their daddy? Their hard-working daddy who's done nothing but do good here in this country?”

Earlier in the interview, Jean admitted that he faced deportation because he was busted in 1989 on a drug charge. He served 11 years in prison, which means that it wasn’t a minor drug charge. So, we have a man who went to prison for a serious drug offense and who, after being released from prison, decided to spend his time evading immigration officials. Every day, for the last 7 years, he has knowingly and intentionally violated our immigration laws. This is the man Geraldo labels a “hard-working daddy who's done nothing but do good here in this country.”

Good call, Geraldo.


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