Refuse to be a Victim

I freakin’ love stories like this! An 11 year old girl named Xochil Garcia was the target of an attempted kidnapping. Bernard Mutterperl, a 19 year old from Brooklyn tried to attack Garcia as she was coming home on Monday night.

But, Mutterperl picked the wrong person to mess with. The 6-foot 2-inch attacker was beaten by the 4-foot 5-inch sixth grade Garcia. She refused to a victim. She was in danger. She fought back. She won.

You can (and should) read the full article here. But, here are a few of my favorite bits:

“'I always make my plan before there's a robbery or a kidnap[ping],' Xochil said from her Midwood home. 'I think of a plan, like, if anybody kidnaps me, kick them back or scratch them - I'm growing my nails out.'

“'I always tell her, whatever happens, whatever these men do, don't go with them for anything,' said mom Martha Hernandez. 'Thank God she knows how to defend herself.'”

“Mutterperl scrambled to escape, trying the roof and the basement doors before stripping down to his white undershirt in an attempt to conceal his identity, witnesses said.

When he tried to sneak out the front door, the brave girl and her neighbors were waiting.”

“Xochil, who called for her attacker to get a stiff sentence, warned other kids to think safety first. 'Try to figure out a plan before somebody tries to kidnap you. That way if somebody tries to touch you, you're ready to attack them back.'

Refuse to be a victim.


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