Here come the Government mandates

This will be short, because the idiocy contained in this news story lends itself to nothing more than brief commentary.

A local Denver news outlet is reporting that the city Government is preparing to take major steps in fighting the all-consuming Global Warming. The author of the piece, Stuart Steers, decided to begin his report by lying. Here is the opening paragraph:

Denver is gearing up to fight global warming, and residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet.”

If the Government officials in Denver, Colorado are going to do nothing more than “ask” their citizens to make personal sacrifices, then I’m Jack Bauer. They will NOT be asked. They will be forced. That is how Government works.

Now, I have no problem with alternative fuels and sources of energy. But, those new technologies should be brought to the public through the free market, not Government mandates. If the technology is affordable, efficient, and solves a perceived problem, then it will succeed. If it is highly expensive, inefficient, and offers questionable benefits, then it will not succeed. It is that simple.

And, there’s really nothing more infuriating than the Government sticking its dirty little finger into the free market and swirling it around:

"Denver may ask voters to approve higher rates for "excessive" use of electricity and natural gas. The plan also floats the idea of using insurance premiums to penalize people who drive long distances."

So, the Government wants to set prices in the market, enact draconian measures and mandates for private companies, and arbitrarily decide how much of a commodity you are allowed to use.

You know, we used to be a country that believed in the free individual and the free market. But, that was before the foundation of the Church of Global Warming. It is a religion based on manipulated models, biased conclusions, and blind assumptions.

Yet, it has become powerful enough to make people HATE the idea of freedom.


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