Yesterday was a day full of victories! The past several weeks have been quite frustrating, so it’s a nice change of pace.

Conservatives all over the country have been baffled to see their Republican representatives in Congress and the White House support a bill which amounted to nothing more than amnesty for criminal aliens. Constituents began calling their representatives, demanding that this bill be defeated. But, the Republicans cozied-up to the Democrats, and ignored their voting base. Earlier in the week, many Republicans even voted for cloture, effectively ending all debate on the bill. At that point, Conservatives around the country became certain that this pitiful excuse for immigration reform would become law.

But, yesterday was a bright day. Perhaps, some of the Republicans finally came to their senses. Perhaps, they finally became concerned about their own reelection. Perhaps, they actually took time to read the ridiculous bill that they were about to pass.

Whatever the reason, the outcome was a victory. The Amnesty bill was defeated yesterday in the Senate by a vote of 53-46!

If that was the only bit of good news yesterday, that would be more than enough to bring a smile to my face. But, there was more.

In the House of Representatives, Congressman Mike Pence proposed an amendment to the Financial Services Appropriations bill. His amendment would prohibit FCC funds from being used to enforce the Fairness Doctrine. If there is no money, there is no Fairness Doctrine.

Apparently, even many of the Democrats view the Fairness Doctrine as a clear violation of the First Amendment and the free market. The amendment passed by a vote of 309-115. It wasn’t even close!

Of course, Congress could always find a way to revive funds for the Fairness Doctrine. Politicians are slick like that. But, Mike Pence is also proposing a bill to the House of Representatives which would stop the Fairness Doctrine FOREVER!

It’s called the “Broadcaster Freedom Act.”

You’d think that we wouldn’t need a bill like this. After all, we already have a law on the books that covers this issue. What’s that thing called again? It comes near the beginning of the United States Constitution. Oh…what is that thing called?

Oh, yeah. THE FIRST AMENDMENT. It forbids the Government from abridging the speech of American citizens. But, apparently, that’s not clear enough for some people. So, Pence is pushing the “Broadcaster Freedom Act.” According to Pence:

The Broadcaster Freedom Act will prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from prescribing rules, regulations, or policies that will reinstate the requirement that broadcasters present opposing viewpoints in controversial issues of public importance. The Broadcaster Freedom Act will prevent the FCC or any future President from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

I am all for that.

We’ll just have to wait to see how that legislation turns out. But, nonetheless, June 28, 2007 was a day of victory. It’s important to have those moments when your hope in our system is reinvigorated.

Yesterday was one of those moments.


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