What if...

Here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s just say that Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, was accused of violating some very serious campaign finance laws. Perhaps, he was even indicted by a grand jury for his part in the crime. He resigns his leadership position, and eventually his Senate seat. But, he maintains his innocence throughout.

After the accusation and subsequent indictment, I’m sure that the media would be all over the story. It’s a scandal. Even, their left-wing bias wouldn’t keep them away from a political scandal like that.

Oh, wait…I forgot about the William Jefferson scandal.

Anyway, the media would probably give some coverage of Reid’s indictment and the trial to follow. But, what if Reid was cleared of all charges? What if the charges against him were dismissed by two separate courts? Would the media report it?

You can bet your entire life-savings, and that of your great-great-great-grandchildren, that the media would cover the exoneration of Harry Reid 24/7. It would completely overtake the coverage of Paris Hilton and Global Warming. No other story would even be on the radar. We would be saturated by this new development in the “Reid scandal.”

But, what if this exact same scenario happened to a Republican? What if Republican Senate Majority leader, Tom DeLay was indicted on similar charges? The scandal would receive wall-to-wall coverage.

In fact, it did. DeLay was forced to resign his leadership position, and eventually his Senate seat due to the scandal. The media had a field day with this story. It was even on the front lines during the 2006 elections when Democrats charged the Republicans with a “Culture of Corruption.” The DeLay scandal was referenced over and over and over.

So, what would happen if DeLay was cleared of these charges by two separate courts? Would the mainstream media notice?


Yesterday, a local Texas newspaper reported:

The state’s highest criminal court today affirmed the 2005 dismissal of a felony indictment against former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and two associates.

In the 5-4 decision, the court affirmed Judge Pat Priest’s decision to throw out an indictment accusing DeLay and his associates, Jim Ellis and John Colyandro, of conspiring to violate state election laws.

I’m sure that ABC, NBC, and CBS started off their nightly newscast by reporting this. It’s a big story! And, it’s one that the media helped to fuel. Surely, the networks would cover DeLay’s absolution!

Of course they didn’t. Last night, every single one of the major networks was silent on the issue. Not a word was mentioned about it..

They probably just forgot.


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