Nope. No bias here.

We’ve heard it all before:

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.”

Those were the brilliant words of Rosie O’Donnell. But, the same sentiment is being forced upon us day in and day out. Multi-culturalists would have you believe that no religion is better than another. None of them has a claim on truth. All are equally valid. And, all are equally dangerous.

This world-view is a scary thing because it puts zealous Christian youth groups in the same category as a Muslim terrorist who slaughters innocents. You think I’m taking that a little too far? Think again.

CNN is promoting a new six-hour special entitled “God’s Warriors.” The intent of this program is to explore the “rise of religious influence on political power.” But, in doing so, they attempt to equate the “religious right” in America with Islamic jihadists.

Yeah. That’s the same thing.

One of the Christian groups they will focus on is BattleCry, an organization that reaches out to Christian youths. This group attempts to empower youths to stand firm in their faith in the face of temptation. It also encourages them to spread the gospel of Christ to the rest of the world.

That’s pretty dangerous, don’t you think? After all, these youths are probably being taught to convert unbelievers by any means necessary. They are being trained to take up arms against those who have not placed their faith in Christ. No doubt they believe submission, tyranny, and oppression are perfectly acceptable forms of discipleship.

Of course not. These youths are being taught a message of love. They are being encouraged to LIVE the message of Christ.

CNN, however, feels that BattleCry is on the same level as Islamic radicals who shoot school children in the back and saw the heads off of infidels like Nick Berg.

For them to equate these two groups is, at best, journalistic dishonesty, and, at worst, an exercise in the repulsiveness of moral relativism. The two are simply not comparable.

I’m sure some will write this off by saying that CNN is not equating the two groups morally. It is simply showing that both groups are trying to use their religion to influence politics. That may indeed be one focus of the program.

But, it is undeniable. CNN is attempting to communicate that the radical nature of both groups represents a commonality – a shared intent.

Reality does not bear that out. Christians, no matter how “radical,” do not seek a total seizure of world power. They do not seek political world domination. Radical Islamists do. And, they intend to meet that goal by any means necessary.

The goals of Christians and Muslims are not them same. The methods are not the same. The philosophies are not the same. The messages are not the same. But, to CNN, they are. They are both equally valid. And, they are both equally dangerous.

Oh, and do you want to see exactly how CNN promotes this new program? Here is a lesson in Media Bias 101. Take a look at CNN’s page containing video clips and images of the program. Notice anything strange? Look closer.

Under the pictures of families of Palestinian terrorists the captions read:

The sisters of a Palestinian martyr in the town of Jenin on the West
Credit: Brent Stirton/CNN

The mother of a Palestinian martyr in the town of Jenin on the West
Credit: Brent Stirton/CNN

Now, look at the pictures related to Jewish terrorist groups:

Amanpour interviews Yehuda Etzion, a founder of a terrorist group known as the Jewish Underground, in Ofrah.
Credit: Brent Stirton/CNN

Yehuda Etzion, a founder of a terrorist group known as the Jewish Underground
planned to blow up The Dome of the Rock.

Credit: Brent Stirton/CNN

Interesting. Wouldn’t you agree? According to CNN, Jewish terrorist groups are rightly called terrorist groups. But, Palestinian terrorists are simply “martyrs.”

Anti-Israeli bias at its most disgusting.


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