The Media and the Iraq War

Follow this link. It is an excellent blog concerning the mainstream media’s reporting on the Iraq War. This very long, heavily sourced blog entry details the bias, distortions, and outright propaganda that the media has been trying to push as objective news.

Here is a small tidbit from the blog:

The establishment media also has become more willing to show graphic video of US casualties at the hands of the enemy. CNN aired an insurgent sniper video obtained directly from the enemy. The NYT posted video of a Marine being shot, reporting his death before his family could be contacted. ABC News aired video of a Bradley armored vehicle blown up by an improvised explosive device as six American soldiers died inside, then exploited the grief of family members to attack the current “surge” of troops in Iraq. Similarly, CBS News spiked a story containing video originally posted on an al Qaeda propaganda website, but posted the same video on its own website. Throughout the conflict, the establishment media has shied away for the truly graphic images of the enemy beheading civilians.

If you have the time, read the entire entry. If you don’t have the time…make the time.


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