Indocrination Of A New Generation

Growing up, I watched a lot of Saturday morning cartoons. But, I never got into the animated movies. For me, they just weren’t that entertaining. A thirty-minute cartoon on Saturday morning was one thing. But, sitting through a two-hour movie about a deer and a skunk was too much to ask of me.

As I got older, I noticed that people my age not only enjoyed animated movies as children, but they still watched the new animated movies! They would talk about movies such as “Toy Story” or “Shrek” as if they were the funniest movies ever made. No offense to those who may enjoy those movies, but I’ve watched them. I hated them.

But, regardless of my personal feelings towards movies like “Toy Story” or “Shrek,” they are admittedly harmless, and all in good, kid-oriented fun.

There are however exceptions to this. Recently, I had the great displeasure of watching the movie “Happy Feet.” Forced against my will, I sat through the two-hour session of leftist indoctrination. If you've seen the movie, you probably know why I refer to it as such.

Not surprisingly, the main villain in “Happy Feet” is us – mankind. Evil, greedy, overfishing, imperialist mankind. The movie covers several hot-button topics, not the least of which is…you had to see this coming…Global Warming.

It is a topic that permeates our daily news. There is no escaping it. The Church of Global warming has to constantly find new ways of injecting their agenda into mainstream audiences. They have decided to use animated films to indoctrinate the next generation of Americans. Their hope is that these children will grow up accepting Global Warming as complete fact, and never question their own belief system.

Call me crazy. But, even research scientists at major universities have noticed this trend in children’s movies. has released an article titled, “Hollywood recruits kids to fight climate change.” Did you read the headline? They are RECRUITING children to their cause. Here a few excerpts from the article:

Children have always been very sensitive to the plight of animals — way back to ‘Bambi,’” explained Dave Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, a research and advocacy organization based in Minneapolis that studies the impact of media on children’s behavior.

So penguins and polar bears — those marketable animals among the most obviously affected by the negative impacts of global warming — are the chief mascots for the cause…

“It’s not surprising with all of the recent talk about global warming that people who are creating children’s entertainment would translate that current-event discussion into the impact on animals,” Walsh continued. “Kids aren’t going to relate to the impact on the polar ice cap.”

Dan Anderson, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, studies toddlers’ understanding of television and consults on several children’s programs…

A significant amount of “moral learning” happens during the formative ages — generally beyond pre-school, Anderson explained. Kids roughly 7 and older begin to understand, remember and reflect on serious topics like death — including the Earth’s death. Elementary school students even start becoming interested in political positions.

Many experts believe that children are the “hidden agenda” in the environmental movement, since the whole premise behind its activism is to convince people to leave the Earth better than they found it for the clean-air enjoyment of the next generation.

These researchers agree, and seem to endorse the notion, that animated movies like “Happy Feet” attempt to appeal to children’s emotional attachment to animals to solidify their message. Just tug at the children’s heart-strings a little bit, and they are putty in the hands of the environmental movement.

Sure…that sounds like an honest way to educate people about your cause.

In a lot of cases such indoctrination is based on incredible factual inaccuracies. For instance, in “Happy Feet,” the assertion is made that Penguin populations are threatened by melting sea ice. Even if the contention is made that sea ice near the penguin populations is melting (even though the antarctic sea ice, overall, is increasing), what proof is there that man is the cause of this, as “Happy Feet” implies? (FYI – it was recently revealed that less than half of published scientists buy into the anthropogenic Global Warming theory).

I think one of the most telling statements in the article comes when discussing the PBS program “It’s a Big Big World.”

“Big Big World” features a 7-foot hairy sloth named Snook, whom Kriegman
[the show’s creator] calls “the Al Gore for kids.” Snook lives in a treehouse
and reads books on science, geography and nature. The show is developing
outreach and promotional opportunities in conjunction with the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group. In one episode, he tells his viewers: “Hey, did you know that you are an animal, too?”

NO. NO WE ARE NOT! Humans are not merely another animal wandering around this planet devoid of sapience and self-awareness. We are a completely separate entity. To equate us with animals is to degrade the human spirit.

These movies are not innocent presentations of cute and fuzzy animals which only seek to entertain the viewer. They are laced with propaganda, and an agenda that only has legs when it utilizes an appeal to emotion.

In closing, I wanted to post a clip from another animated movie, which is the most obscene and hideous piece of leftist propaganda being passed off as a kid’s cartoon. It is a clip from the movie, “The Ant Bully” (With a little creative text overlay, courtesy of The People's Cube). Sadly, this movie wasn’t even mentioned in the Politico article. But, parents should pay attention. “The Ant Bully” is nothing more than indoctrination into Socialism.


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