One vital question

When it comes to Government actions, one question should be asked of every decision that they make. One question is absolutely vital when discussing our ever-growing Government. Yet, it is seldom ever asked. That question is:

“Where in the Constitution is this power granted to the Federal Government?”

Sadly, this question is irrelevant to some. It has become an inconvenience to first consider Constitutional merit of certain Government powers before new policies are perused. It happens on both sides of the aisle. Both parties are guilty of ignoring this pertinent question.

But, there is one current issue that must be framed around this question. Failure to do so, will lead us down the road of Totalitarianism. However, it is my belief that this question will never be raised when discussing this issue. Too many Americans have allowed their emotional approach to the issue to overtake their concern for the Constitution.

That issue is health care. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton unveiled her new plan for our health care system. Although she claims that it is not Government-run health care, it will be funded by taxpayer dollars, and will enact many new Government-enforced mandates.

Her new health care plan revolves around one major principle which she trumpeted yesterday:

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, whose first attempt at a health care overhaul fell flat 13 years ago, unveiled a broad proposal on Monday to require health insurance for all Americans and make it more affordable.

The proposal would mandate coverage for 47 million uninsured Americans but maintain a role for private insurance companies in what she said would be a simplified system with more choices for consumers.

She claims that her plain provides Americans with “more choices” when it comes to insurance. She even uses the word “choice” in the title of her plan.

It’s a strange dichotomy to think that a plan mandating that every American purchase health insurance somehow provides us with “more choice.” In reality, she is robbing consumers of their most basic choice…their choice to not purchase insurance.

She uses the analogy of requiring the purchase of Auto Insurance. But, there are several fundamental flaws with this analogy. Primarily, there is NO mandate for all Americans to purchase auto insurance. The only mandate on auto insurance is IF you own a car, and IF you use it on public roads. If you own a car, and only use it on your own property, there is NO requirement for insurance. Thus, there is NO universal mandate for coverage.

Which brings me back to the vital question:

“Where in the Constitution is this power granted to the Federal Government?”

Where does the Constitution give the Federal Government the power to force Americans to purchase something? Answer: It doesn’t. The Federal Government does not have the power to mandate something like that. It is absolutely, unequivocally unconstitutional and un-American.

(FYI - The same question should be asked of John Edwards’ plan for mandatory doctor visits.)


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