Totalitarian Nanny State

No Commentary. Just a question:

How is this a part of promoting the FREE MARKET?

As America gets fatter, policymakers are seeking creative approaches to legislating health. They may have entered the school cafeteria -- and now they're eyeing your neighborhood.

Los Angeles officials, among others around the country, are proposing to limit new fast-food restaurants -- a tactic that could be called health zoning.

"While limiting fast-food restaurants isn't a solution in itself, it's an important piece of the puzzle," said Mark Vallianatos, director of the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College.

This is "bringing health policy and environmental policy together with land-use planning…I think that's smart, and it's the wave of the future."

"The community has suffered for decades by an assumption that attracting business of any type is good, and it's not true."

If you have an answer, I want to hear it.


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