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The DailyKos, the heart and soul of the modern leftist movement, has once again proved itself to be completely and utterly worthless. A new diary post on their site is a classic example of how so many of them truly view the military. They hold them in complete disdain.

Many supporters of the DailyKos, and likeminded websites, will claim that it is only a fringe element of the left who hold extremist views like this. They claim that right-wing bloggers simply cherry-pick anonymous comments on their message boards (which they also claim to be planted by right-wing bloggers) to “prove” that the left doesn’t, in fact, support the troops.

Bear in mind, however, that this diary post (or this one) is not a single anonymous post on an obscure message board. And, it has not been planted by a mysterious right-wing blogger out to smear the DailyKos. It is, in fact, an official diary post, monitored and approved by the website administrators.

It is entitled, “I Don't Support the Troops..oops, there, I said it.”

Here are a few excerpts:

Supporting the troops essentially means supporting the illegal war. It seems that us anti-war types have been doing all sorts of mental and philisophical gymnastics to try and work around this. What has emerged is a sort of low impact, mealy-mouthed common wisdom that is palatable to everyone but is ultimately going to allow us to stay in Iraq for years to come…

Until we have another draft, this is a volunteer armed services. I am not even beginning to count the numerous mercenaries that are involved in the occupation. You signed up, you get to go to the desert and risk being shot at by brown skinned people who don't believe the lies you've been told. A war of aggression is immoral, period. If you believe in God, you can damned well be sure you are going to hell for your participation in it. The only troop I support is the man or woman who refuses to be deployed so that they can make the middle east accessible to profiteers who don't give a flying F about morality or democracy. Or a soldier's life.

When Sunni tribes got paid off enough to stop shooting at GIs and instead shoot at Al-Qaeda (in reality themselves) it is funny how they suddenly became Freedom Fighters. During WWII, French resistance fighters were also called terrorists and insurgents by their German occupiers. Can an anti-war proponent look at these Iraqi resistance fighters with the same admiration, even though they worship differently than us and when they eventually win are likely to install a distasteful (to Americans) theocratic tinged state. Can a person who doesn't believe in violence support that people's right to govern themselves, perhaps violently.

I am sorry but supporting the troops means supporting this illegal war.

Notice that he doesn’t just admit that he completely rejects respect and support for our men and women in uniform. This guy also embraces the “Iraqi resistance fighters” (the Islamic terrorists who are killing our troops), and looks at them with “admiration.” He supports their “right to govern themselves, perhaps violently.”

Ultimately, he also concludes that the “Iraqi resistance fighters” (again, the Islamic terrorists who disguise themselves as civilians and attack OUR troops) will “eventually win.”

Truly, truly disgusting.


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