Know Thine Enemy

There are times when I think that left-wing media outlets couldn’t possibly do anything to make me think less of them. Then, the New York Times does something like this. They have headlined an Op-Ed video which amounts to nothing less than a propaganda-laden commercial for the Islamic Terrorists who are killing American soldiers in Iraq.

The New York Times has, effectively, given our enemies a premium outlet to espouse their hatred for our country and attempted to portray them as the “good guys.” Yes, these are the same “insurgents” who regularly conduct vile war crimes by disguising themselves as civilians while attacking innocent civilians and American troops. These are the individuals that the New York Times treats as the “good guys.”

This really shouldn’t surprise me. After all, CNN gave a primetime spot to a terrorist recruitment and propaganda video. But, it still amazes me that left-wing media outlets continue to promote the idea that America is the real problem, and that the terrorists are mere victims of American imperialism and greed.

It is interesting to note that the title of the New York Times video is “Know Thine Enemy.” Notice, they don’t specifically define who the “enemy” is. But, based on the blatant terrorist propaganda and distorted worldview contained in the video, I’m guessing that the “enemy” is not Islamic Terrorism.

So, who does that leave? Who does the New York Times really view as the “enemy?”

Click here to view the full video.


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