Top 101 Media Frauds

Yesterday, I wrote that the media makes a habit of headlining stories that turn out to be completely false. Sometimes this is due to simple irresponsibility or careless researching. Sometimes it is absolutely deliberate mischaracterization, misleading, or fabrication (i.e. the “phony soldiers” controversy). Regardless of the reason, it happens more frequently than it should.

The American Thinker has published a list of the top 101 Media Frauds. These are stories that the media promoted as being true, but were later discovered to be otherwise.

As you read this list, keep in mind something very, VERY important. According to the media, reports of a decrease in Iraq War causalities are absolutely unreliable. Such stories are to be met with firm skepticism and doubt. They can not be considered news.

However, every story on this list, all 101 of them, were considered undeniable truths by the media. They viewed each of these stories as trust-worthy. These reports were the very definition of “news.”

Click here to see the full list.


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