Government Schools...Gotta Love 'Em

Government schools just love their zero-tolerance policies. Zero-tolerance policies allow the mindless Government employees (i.e. the faculty) to act without actually having to use the mass of gray and white matter located about 3 feet above their ass. For any Government employee, this is the ideal situation, since they aren't in the practice of actually thinking for themselves.

I have shared stories before in which zero-tolerance policies have been used to arrest and punish students for the most ridiculous offenses. And, the stories keep pouring in. Today's story comes from Ocala, Florida.

A 10-year old girl at Sunrise Elementary School has been arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property. The school's principal has also suspended the student for 10 days.

So, what kind of weapon did she have on campus? Did she have a gun hidden in her locker? Was she brandishing a machete in front of her friends?

Not even close:

School officials say the 5th grader was brown-bagging it. She brought a piece of steak for her lunch, but she also brought a steak knife. That's when deputies were called.

It happened in the cafeteria at Sunrise Elementary School. The 10-year-old used the knife to cut the meat.

She brought a kitchen knife in her lunch bag to use on a steak! It get's better.

"She did not use it inappropriately. She did not threaten anyone with it. She didn't pull it out and brandish it. Nothing of that nature," explained Marion County School Spokesman Kevin Christian.

But a couple of teachers took the utensil and called the sheriff. When deputies arrived, they were unable to get the child's parents on the phone, so they arrested her and took her to the county's juvenile assessment center.

The hyper-sensitive Government teachers freaked out. No surprise there. But, here is the real kicker. This next statement sums up the absurd nature of zero-tolerance policies and why Government employees can't be trusted.

They are not ALLOWED to practice rational thought.

School officials said it doesn't matter what the knife was being used for. They said they had no choice.

"Anytime there's a weapon on campus, yes, we have to report it and we aggressively report it because we don't want to take any chances, regardless," Christian said.

"It doesn't matter how innocent the situation was. It doesn't matter that there was absolutely NO danger or threat presented. We have no choice. We have to report it."

That is why zero-tolerance policies suck. That is why the majority of Government schools and the employees located therein suck. They are not allowed to think for themselves. They are not allowed to act as rational human beings. They can not be trusted to assess the situation based on the facts.

They are required to act as mindless drones, following arbitrary policies set by bureaucrats who have little to no grasp on reality.

Folks, these people are in charge of educating your children. Be afraid.


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