Moral Relativism

Many on the political left view the War against Islamic Terrorism through the prism of moral relativism. They even question our use of the word "terrorism" when we describe Islamic radicals. According to them, George Washington, Ben Frankiln, and the rest of the founding fathers were also "terrorists." It all depends on which side of the fight you are on.

They rationalize the heinous acts of the Islamic radicals by claiming that the United States is imperalistic and corrupt. We are the invaders. We are bad guys. Cindy Sheehan has even gone so far as to label the Islamic terrorists (the same terrorists who killed her son Casey) as "freedom fighters."

This is how many on the left view victims. Who is to decide who is good and who is bad? It's all relative.

Would you like to know what separates us from them? Would you like to know why we are the good guys and they are the bad guys? It's because of stuff like this:

MARDAN, Pakistan — The bomb that ravaged Benazir Bhutto's homecoming processional in October appears to have been rigged to the clothes of a baby who was held up for the former prime minister to embrace, Mrs. Bhutto said.

A man approached her armored truck, Mrs. Bhutto recounted, and was trying to hand across a small child as her motorcade inched through the thronged streets of Karachi. She remembers gesturing for the man to come closer.

"It was about 1 or 2 years old, and I think it was a girl," Mrs. Bhutto told The Washington Times in her first public remarks about the baby.

"We feel it was a baby, kidnapped, and its clothes were rigged with explosives. He kept trying to hand it to people to hand to me.

These sick monsters will strap bombs onto children and use them as weapons. They are pure evil.


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