Keith Olbermann vs. The Truth

It's not as though lying is new to Keith Olbermann. But, when he is caught on video making a blatantly false statement, it simply must be brought to the public's attention.


Olbermann's particular brand of "journalism" severely suffers from a lack of fact-checking. Yet, there are some who still consider him to be a credible, objective journalist. Amazing.

It should be noted that a "lie" is defined as a false statement made with a deliberate intent to deceive. In other words, the person making the statement must KNOW that the statement is false at the time that they make it, in order for it to be defined as a "lie."

Whether or not Olbermann KNEW that he was making a false statement is anyone's guess. But, even if he didn't, he could have avoided making this mistake by practicing some simple research. He could have actually watched the broadcast that he was so eager to criticize. Had he practiced some common sense and actually checked his facts, he could have avoided looking like an ass.

Instead, Olbermann chose to be negligent in his duty. He intentionally ignored a basic tenant of debate, and made allegations which had no factual basis. That, in and of itself, is enough to label Olbermann's actions as deceitful.

But, as I said, this is nothing new.


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