The Marxist Agenda

I just thought this was a very interesting article, and I wanted to share it.


Twenty years ago, a Marxist Scholars conference in New York City featured a seminar on how to use the classroom to convert students into Marxists. Covering the event, I was surprised to learn that the radical professors, for the most part, were no longer trying to turn English majors into Molotov cocktail throwers.

As early as the 1920s, many Marxists realized they could never persuade fat, happy capitalists to overthrow their governments, so they concluded they could only create their egalitarian utopia through a nonviolent cultural revolution. The strategy for this new style of revolution was to get people to reject traditional Western Judeo-Christian values and start thinking like Marxists, even if they would never apply the term to themselves.

In the classroom, the strategy required professors to convince students that America is an evil place desperately in need of change. Their tactic was to direct students’ attention away from America’s accomplishments and values, such as establishing freedom of speech and religion, and focus instead on America’s flaws and social injustice. Don’t praise George Washington for his sterling character and stunning achievements—condemn him because he owned slaves. Don’t let students think of themselves as citizens of a great nation, but as members of a victimized class or as potential victimizers.

Gee…does any of that sound familiar?


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