Respect My Authority!

Before I go any further, let me preface this blog by stating that I absolutely do respect law enforcement officers. Many of them face terribly dangerous situations on a daily basis, and they do so to protect all of us. Their motto is “to protect and serve,” and many of them perform this duty with honor.

I know police officers. My brother is a police officer. This post is not a personal attack against them, and should not be construed as a gross generalization or overstatement.

With that said, I give you Baltimore Police Officer Salvatore Rivieri:

This guy is completely out of control, and should never be allowed to wear a badge. Completely unprovoked, he attacks this kid, puts him in a headlock, berates him and his parents, and repeatedly accuses this kid of “disrespecting” him. Officer Rivieri deserves absolutely NO respect. He is a nut-case. He is an egotistical jackass who got a badge to compensate for his own failures and shortcomings. He pursued a career in law enforcement in order to achieve the one thing he truly cares about…power.

So, how was this badge-wearing excrement punished? According to the Baltimore Sun:

A Baltimore police officer was suspended yesterday after a YouTube video surfaced on the Internet showing him berating and manhandling a teenage skateboarder at the Inner Harbor.

Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department and the mayor's office, said authorities have begun an internal-affairs investigation.

Suspended? Suspended? I would assume that this suspension is the first-step of his punishment pending the internal investigation. At least, one would hope. Suspension is not nearly enough for Rivieri. With no provocation, whatsoever, he attacked this kid!

Rivieri should be fired. Then, he should be brought up on assault charges. His actions were completely uncalled for. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a badge.

Granted, I am no fan of punk skateborders, and this was an area of the park that didn’t allow skateboarding. Tell these kids to leave the park! Don’t attack them!

But, I’m sure this simple solution never occurred to Officer Rivieri. He is a power-hungry jackass. Unfortunately, there are too many of these wearing a uniform which they have no right to wear.


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